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Thoughts? (From College Humor)

Pretty hit and miss, but what else does one expect from College Humor?:applejackunsure:


As a French and European, somehow I can tell you the American Dream isn't dead. Yet, the hopes in America have been decaying slowly but surely for twenty years.

You hear so many "In Soviet Russia" jokes, do they have any "In Capitalist America" jokes? Well I do:yay:

I'll agree to a point. America certainly isn't the last place I would want to live but it isn't in my top ten places to live either. I'd still chose to live in France first and coming from an Englishman that's saying a lot given the cultural rivalry there. Sorry America but I'd rather pay for my medical care through taxes and not have my leader need to make religious proclamations to get elected. :ajsleepy:

>Hurr Durr muh old white men fallacy
>Hurr Durr muh republikans r evul
>Hurr Durr muh democrats can do no wrong
>Hurr Durr muh NSA isn't the Stasi what are you talking about

This video just wants me to go and raise and army and set up the Republic of New Rhodesia already.

"Except maybe Canada, you guys got a pretty good thing going there"

Bullshit!:flutterrage: You know what America has plenty that Canada barely has any?

The sun. The fucking sun!

Definitely better than Alaska though.

2192888 Well, in terms of global policy America does kind of suck less.

Take the recent super-typhoon in the Philippines that left thousands dead. The US sent an aircraft carrier, some destroyers, the Marines, and $20 million to help.

China (which we assume to be the rising competitor to the US) sent $100,000, which only went up to $1.6m after international criticism. That's still less than what Ikea sent to the country.

You could argue that's because the Philippines has severe territorial disputes with China. But for a country to so blatantly subordinate acts of compassion to national interests (and frankly, being seen not to care isn't in its national interest, anyway) says a lot about the worldview of the Chinese leadership.

Obviously a lot still that was crap with US hegemony, but I don't see its rivals providing any better alternative.

2193898 I seriously hope you realize that wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

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