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In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium there is only war

The Chan system. Located with in sub-sector Uma in the Calixis sector. many planets lie here but only 9 of which remain inhabited. For long years have they held on to life by nearly a thread as everyday the humans of these planets were pushed to near extinction by the Tyranids a malicious race of insectoid creatures who only wish to devour who have as far back as memory stretches continue to gnaw at the outer planets continually tightening their noose as the malign intelligence that guides them grows fatter. But that did not mean the planets on the inside were safe.

Lightning quick raids from an unseen and most definitely inhuman foe cut into important facilities on the planets bleeding out their already strained resources and numbers. there was bleak hope for them until they came.

The Imperium of man. Their long lost brothers and sisters from across the galaxy has found them and absorbed them into their numbers. After all they how could they refuse to join them with the offer they put up.

"We can give you the tools to fight, to win, to crush your foes in the name of the Emperor"

How could one refuse? As proud new members of the Imperial guard high hopes in their hearts and Lasguns in hand they march to crush those who once oppressed them

With the planets being newly discovered and with little time to name them while in conflict the last nine inhabited planets were simply given numbers yet still the Guardsman wear their names with pride. so what are you waiting for. It's time to show the xenos the heretic and the mutant that you are no longer their victim no longer their prey, their plaything so join the Planet 9 1st Recon core because now we're the hunters and in the emperors name your prey will be crushed.FOR PLANET NINE! FOR THE EMPEROR AND FOR HUMANITY!

Governor-General Wheatums~

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