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Ok, thats a good one. Even though its getting old.

I choose the blind kid

2440242 Scootaloo's dad would fuck her up so hard. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't see how she would win this fight.

2440242 He could eat her with one gulp. And she wouldn't see that coming, no she wouldn't.
But he won't. He's too timid and nice.

2440298 Is that a lie?

2440324 M'aiq is tired now. Talk to me some other time.:trollestia:

Detective Chmilewsky
Group Contributor

2440247 It's just getting old for me.

2440365 the end of the vid shall explain.

2440404 You somehow gat me to kinkyest mod ever...

2440429 I don't know...

2440439 ok then.... -points in a direction- HEY LOOK A DISTRACTION! -whoops like zoidberg as I run away-

2440429 Because of the calipers... :twilightblush:

2440242 Cuteness win: Filly Snowflake
Physical strength win: Stallion Snowflake
That is all. :trollestia:

2440459 why ARE they gone anyways?

2440425 ooh now that i look in the suggested videos....:twilightoops:

2440242 I CAN'T SEE THE DIFFERENCE :trollestia:

This also makes me question if there has been a rapefic of Snowdrop.
She would never see it coming.

What? Don't look at me like that. I am genuinely curious, I would like to see if there is a rapefic of her.


2440713 Ummm... If you find one, care to throw it my way too?

This is snowflake. I mean he is scared of butterflies.

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