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I know this has probably been talked about to death, but I'm to lazy to look through the forum, :trollestia:. I want to write how a wrestler makes it to Equestria, which is an inherently funny premise, but I still want to avoid the tropes of: 1. The character blacks out and appears in Equestria FOR NO REASON, 2. Twilight goes full retarded, rips a hole in the space time continuum, and brings said human over.

Now the story is a comedy, so it will be funny, but I really want to try and make it somewhat unique to begin with.

Any ideas?

A hot air balloon?

A circus cannon?

Getting shanghaied into testing a teleportation machine?

2020044 He gets pile drive so fucking hard into the ground he somehow ends up in the Crystal Empire! :moustache:

2020044 Simple, using any sort of device, i.e mobile phone or computer, use the phrase 'reverse the polarity of the neutron flow'. :rainbowhuh: It worked for me, and it worked for the Third Doctor. Just come up with a random explanation and use that phrase. Believe me, you'll get a few laughs. :facehoof:

2020044in my HiE fic, Twilight used a portal to send an exploration team through, similar to Stargate, but the portal opened up right in front of a hang glider skimming the ground.

Wrestler, you say? Let somebody slam him so hard, he will not only fly out of the ring, but out of our universe entirely.

Personally, I have a god-like being in all my fics that likes to pluck humans from places and stick them in situations where they can help out, but that's just me.

"I will dropkick you into Equestria motherfucker!"

I vote that he got in a fight with Chuck Norris and...

2020044 Have him do a super special "magic" finishing move, that actually is magic.

How about an accident involving a high-energy particle accelerator and a can of diet coke?

Have him be selected for the inter dimensional wrestling competition with him representing Earth's humans.

2020129 I like that, I really like that.


You could have him, in the midst of a match, be thrown at a "breakable" glass/mirror and he instead flies into it and then out through a mirror in Equestria. Naturally he would land full-force on some hapless pony - Cadance could be a fun choice and she already has a magic mirror he could fly out of!

Employ this man. If he is able to get the drop on this guy, then whats to say he won't get your character into Equestria? Just make sure to give him some 'elbow room' and you're all set

2020138 ...Why didn't I think of that?

this 2020114
Round house kicked into another dimension

2020044 Celestia sees him as a strong fighter and teleports him there.


Or, if you wanted to be really cruel, you could have him fly out of Twilight's mirror and land on her while she's sleeping. Spike then panics, breathes flame on our hapless fellow, and he gets sent Celestia who also happens to be sleeping...

A crazy fan wants the wrestler all to himself so he gets a magic device to imprison the wrestler to him but the fan is an idiot and while he is casting the spell MLP is on TV and the singing intertwines with the spell and ends up in Equestria.

Invent a wrestling move that involves live sharks filled with dynamite that results in his death.

He gets blown up so hard that an atom of his body gets blown into another dimension. It lands on Equestria and because of Equestrias nature of nothing being able to die, even from the most deadly injuries, it recreates his body out of the atom. He wakes up in his intact body in the Everfree and has to elbow drop his way through timberwolves to get into Ponyville. He promptly clotheslines Twilight and steals her hot air balloon.

He ends up in Canterlot where he delivers a spinning heel kick to every guard and finishes it off with an elbow corkscrew drop onto Celestias sleeping form.

Until he suddenly wakes up still out in the Everfree and realizes all of that will be impossible because none of his moves will work on pony anatomy. He got eaten by wolves and the Ponies never even knew he existed.

2020179 That's GOOD. that's GREAT, I'M USING IT!

2020044 Hurr or maybe he could get all depressed cause his career is going nowhere and he could commit suicide durr :trollestia:

No don't do that, lol...

Go with 2020138 's idea, seems pretty good and more original than some other ideas like the horrible one I stated above.

Your main character runs afoul of a reality warper, who gets so pissed off that they throw the character into Equestria just to fuck with him.

Or maybe your character is a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword who when he was about to strike down an evil shapeshifting master of darkness, the demon tore open a portal in time, and flung him into the future, where his evil is law, in the form of Equestria. Now the samurai must return to the past, and undo the evil that is Equestria.

2020044 or you could always go the Ultimate Muscle route:


Why is that, when I read that, I think of danny phantom?

2020044 Why not time travel and having Equestria being in the far future (after humanity is long dead ofcourse), or in the far past during medieval times on a remote isle that humans can't enter. Also it's of the coast of europe somewhere. :twilightoops:

I was going to say "magic" too, but Moonlightmare, my old girlfriend, beat me to it :unsuresweetie:

:raritystarry:"Could you roundhouse kick me to Equestria, sir Norris?"
:coolphoto:"No problem, son! Just stand over there!"

Flying powerbomb. Hole rips open for a split second JUST as the wrestler strikes the mat, letting them fall through.

And yes I said "flying". If you're gonna do it, do it beyond all the way.

Propelled through the rift via flatulence? Also: I love you.

Gets smacked with a cake a fellow wrestler brought to the ring (huge person sized cake) which smothers him whole, and he emerges in Pinkies kitchen from a cake there

2020365 Exactly. Chuck Norris may be able to kick you in the back of the face, but he's a nice guy about it.

In my one HiE story so far, my guy (and five other humans) get pulled by Discord so he can swap their bad attitudes with the Elements, so he can 'grey' them. Once he gets petrified again, the humans are stranded in Equestria.

Actual wrestler or WWE wrestler?

2021216 While I respect actual wrestlers, WWE wrestlers are far more entertaining to write about. So yes it's going to be about a WWE wrestler.

2020177 He was aiming for the dimension full of Chuck Norrises wanting to roundhouse kick you, but the kick curved slightly to the right of Albuquerque and hit 88 miles per hour right at the end of the unfinished railroad tracks.

I used my calm demeanor in my self-insert.

Celestia had received a visitor in the form of an alternate reality Twilight Sparkle. That reality had been obliterated by the villain. She warned Celestia that in her timeline a supplemental ground was needed to the Elements of Harmony, and no pony was found that could be used as such. Armed with this new information, Celestia set upon an interdimentional search using her sun as a power point. She discovers me and summons me to Equestria. She created a Stargate in our world for that express purpose.


Well, you could always have him pick the one fight he should never have picked: a fae folk lord with a sense of humor. A one-way trip through the faerie veil and Blammo! into Equestria; Thanks for Playing!:rainbowlaugh:

That, or a negative space wedgie spontaneously opens up under him.

The "reformed" Discord overhears that a party needs something spectacular for entertainment. He snaps his fingers and said wrestler is yanked from Earth and explodes out of the cake...

2020197 Seriously? Samurai Jack. Oh, the irony... Wait... THANK YOU!!! :raritystarry: You just gave me an idea!

Or you could use any of the eight locations on Earth where there are large magnetic anomalies accompanied by strange disappearances...

Wrestling on the Bermuda triangle? Sounds fun.

He could just take a taxi to Equestria

2020044 1.) Run them through a blender.
2.) Bitching out bronies watching the show and Pinkie drags them through the TV into Equestria.
3.) Falls out of a tree Applejack is bucking especially hard.
4.) Atheist demands that everyone acknowledge there is no God, and they suddenly appear in Equestria with a note saying 'Explain this one away punk.'
5.) They are watching the Cubs ahead 3 games during the fourth game of the World Series, one strike out from the end of the game. Call is 3-2, and they appear in Equestria. Nothing in Equestria would faze them.
6.) They take a new designer drug, and wake up in Equestria, or are they?
7.) They are fleeing Freddy (or someone actually frightening) in their dreams when Luna shows up and takes them to Equestria.
8.) A terrified Cthulhu sends them to Equestria (yes ponies frighten him).
9.) Azathoth regains his intellect and all the surviving humans find themselves in Equestria.
10.) The character is in the middle of a huge ice cream eating contest, and suddenly is hit with a massive ice cream headache. They wake up in Equestria.
11.) A rabbit with a waistcoat and a pocketwatch jumps through a hedge, the character follows and is in Equestria.
12.) Hugo Weaving wearing a suit and sunglasses sticks his hand in their chest, and they appear in Equestria. Later Keeau Reeves shows up, and the character beats the crap out of him.

He gets roundhouse kicked so hard into the ground, he bursts out of somepony's lawn.

2020114 his nipples twisted so hard that a temporary rift in reality ripped through his pecs and sucked him in. His nipples did not survive.

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