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Check it out:

No two ways about it now. EQG is definitely a part of the MLP timeline. It did happen, and this should clear up any lingering doubts of those still questioning the movie's canonicity.


wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow......IT'S CANON!!!!!!!

My thought: people will argue about it till the next ice age.

Also, I didn't see the movie, but I have seen images of the Mane 6 (minus Twilight) equivalents. Are we really sure those humans are the same as us?

Confused Still, will it be referenced in the actual show. Discussions with each other about the human world, Etc.

Well I never thought it WASN'T canon. But that doesn't mean it's going to be a big thing. It might be referenced, what, maybe THREE times in the next season. Probably season premiere it will be referenced, once in a random episode, and maybe the season finale. That's pretty much it. Plus it adds a whole new world of possibilities for the world of MLP. Namely, traveling to different worlds is a thing now. :ajsmug:

I already knew it would be canon. Megan McCarthy said that Twilight's ascension into a princess is three parts, the first is Magical Mystery Cure and the second is Equestria Girls. So that would mean that the third part is the Season 4 premiere.

I still don't understand that part.
They are Twilight friends' human equivalents, so there is a Twilight who is not Twilight running around in that universe.
How does that work?
Couldn't they just send the 6 ponies instead of giving us another headache?

Yeh, naw.
The only thing to hold continuity of any kind on the show is that characters who are introduced, still exist and might get a second appearance sometime, and the lore.
Everything else doesn't have a continuity.

No big deal to me. :twilightsmile:


so there is a Twilight who is not Twilight running around in that universe.

Pinkie pointed that out when Twilight first saw her decorating the gym. :3

I don't really mind nor care if it's cannon or not.
I am just too excited and too annoyed by how close and far Season 4 is.

Considering I've never met a technicolor person before, I'm going to have to say no. Unless it takes place in a post-apocalypse where radiation has mutated everybody's skin tone. You know, like that show Doug.

I don't know about references, but it definitely won't be the focus of any plot-lines. Also, Brad Flash and Sunset won't be making appearances in S4.

If it doesn't affect the timeline, it doesn't matter.


Sunset won't be making appearances in S4


I only wish it wasn't so. But in the end all I say is: whatever. It won't shouldn't really impact the actual pony part of the show all that much. And in Fanfiction Land it is easily brushed aside; simply don't ever mention it. So in all it doesn't matter if it's canon or not. You can embrace it or ignore it all you like.

Although if your one of those people who likes to really think about the show and it's meaning and inner workings, well then this has just opened entire worlds of possibilities. Literally, they have inter-dimensional portals just sitting around apparently.

Comment posted by TheGrimReaper deleted Aug 30th, 2013

I'm just going to continue to pretend it never happened, like the Star Wars prequels. It not being mentioned in season 4 will make it that much easier to ignore.

I thought anything human would NOT be canon with MLP:FIM. I sure hope it does not affect the storyline or influence the characters. Simply, I hope this changes nothing at all. But you can say I'm not happy about this being canon. But on the bright side, I bet Lyra is probably very excited and happy about it.

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1638062 my "I EXPECT CONTINUITY" brain is going to be fucking pissed if the Flash Sentry x Twilight ship doesn't happen in the show.....I don't even like the ship.....I'll just expect it to be there for continuity,.......:raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

Uploaded with

The plot thickens :twilightoops:

Oh for fuck sakes. Do they WANT to piss off the rabid bronies?

Fuck this.

Fuck it all.

I quit.


It never existed in my timeline.


~Have a good one.


1638062 in both these tweets Megan is contradicting herself

1638075 "Are they the same as us?"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck no. They are cartoons for one, and they have MULTICOLOR SKIN! What kind of a question is 'are they the same as us?' when there is a blue girl with rainbow hair. If people were naturally colored like a box of crayons, then there would be a lot less racism based on color.

1638138 and the other lyra is obsessed about ponies. Now, think of what would happen if they were to meet?

so its technically canon? woot! quite happy for this pretty much thought the movie was awesome ^^ this is good news though I was fine either way :P

Well that sucks.
You know what. It is not canon unless mentioned in the show.
And even if it is I will follow the words of Mythbuster's Adam, 'I reject your reality and substitute my own.'

1638062 So, EqG happened, but, it being in an alternate universe, can only be mentioned by the Mane Six. Twilight also has a canon ship, then.

I now just want to see pissed off bronies before I leave for camp.

1638062 Will Flash Sentry make a reappearance? Sunset Shimmer would make a good reappearance, I mean, she could come back as a potential friendly rival. BUT Flash... Noooo.... I mean Twilight meeting her love-interest again? Shit's gonna go down.

Kirb #32 · Aug 30th, 2013 · · 1 ·





Is that a Tenacious D reference? Yes, yes it is.

I live by "Death of the Author" . Unless pen is put to paper and Eqg is referenced in S4 it didn't happen to me.

Things they say on their twitter never matter to me. Unless I see it on a storyboard in the show it's not official. Word of God is only valid to me when said God proves it's word has power.

Neither Brad Flash or Sunset are slated make any appearances in S4.

Well this is um.....AH SHIT

1638657 Thats' good! That's great! Though... If they're gonna make another movie about this, they should try to center it on the other girls and not Twilight. I mean we did see the other world's Mane 6(Minus Twilight's counter-part) but maybe the rest of the original mane 6 could come to the EqG world, like their world was in trouble or something... But seeing as Hasbro has a tendency to fuck up good ideas I'm not holding my breath.

1638062 Fine with me. It's the denial from people that didn't like the movie I'm waiting for.

1638079 MLP Live action...? That'd be cool. Kinda like this. That'd be neat.

Wait, I thought it was separate from Season Four as McCarthy mentioned earlier?

Which one's right?

Both are technically right. It won't impact S4 in any significant way(outside of maybe a few brief references), but it is canon in the sense that it's an event that occurred in the MLP timeline.

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Hey guys, it doesn't affect the MLPFIM storyline. Ignore it.

I sorta knew it would be canon, I mean, Celestia had to tell Twilight something important come in the morning (that was before Sunset intervened and complicated things), Twilight also gained some much needed confidence that she needed for her new role.

I'm thinking the season 4 premiere will begin a day after the events of Equestria Girls, but that's just me.

Mccarthy not agreaing whith herself, myst becaliens

1638062 Wait! so now I have to see EQG to not lost something important in the series!?

No it's not. In the first message, she is clarifying that EQG is a self contained adventure and the plots, concepts and characters introduced in it wont re-appear in the tv show.

On the second message she is pointing out that EQG is an integral part of Twilight's character arc, contributing to her personal growth.

To put it into blunt therms: If you don't watch EQG you can still fully enjoy the show without missing anything, but don't expect a "Twilight feels awkward and tries to get used to being a princess" arc, because the was covered in the movie.

No. It's canon but it's still a self-contained adventure. Although you should, cause it's great.

They aren't. Do you see anyone walking around with purple skin that hasn't tattooed it?

Lyra probably came from there in the first place, which would explain why she sits the way she does.

Guys, I think what Megan means to say is this: "Yes, it happened. HOWEVER, it will in no way affect the show, nor will it be referenced."

If that is the case, I will be happy. Equestria Girls was a funny little side trip, that I can imagine Twilight had after trying a specific hallucinogenic substance. Beyond that, who cares, let's forget about it, because it sounds like the writers already have...

still dont give a shit. as long as flash fuck isnt in it.

Well butter my bum and call me a biscuit.

I still say it's not canon. McCarthy has no fucking clue what she's doing, and she most definitely does not know how to answer a simple goddamn question.

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