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I can't tell. TOO MANY EPIC ONES.

The Warner Brothers
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There's a lot of spadinners out there to.

1559773 God burns down Equestria for Insurance Money.

My Top Five Poops

Spingebill Learns the Dark Arts of Krusty Pooping by AwfulFawfulTheFalafle

Robotnik Debuts On Eggman X by MasterOfZoroark

Ricky Rat and the Fanny Pack get a compound fracture at the water park by Magged Rat

The Spaghetti Incident Part 0 - The Poop with No Name by Stuart K Reilly

I.M. Back by Geibuchan

My Favorite YTPMVs
Anything by Pilli10, wazgul, Magged Rat, and shroomhead1

My favorite poop collabs

The Grand Galloping Collab hosted by Likety

The Severe Multiple Personality Disorders of Adolf Hitler

You're welcome. :rainbowwild:

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