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The Chronicles of the Scattered Shards is my alternative universe project, taking place more than one hundred years in the future after a cataclysm reshaped Equestria for the worse.

A group of friends will unfold a loophole from the past and the dark secrets of a world where the dusk never ends... and where the slightest glimpse of hope is condemned to die in the womb.


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congrats you got me interested i can't wait till there's more :pinkiehappy:



EDIT: Oh wait, I see. Thanks!

The picture links appear to be broken... :unsuresweetie:

One can never have to many masks :pinkiecrazy:


I can't bear this truth, that's too much. :pinkiesick:

The clown has so many masks.



No, no!

No, no, no!

That's impossible!

Not you!

Somebody helps!

I'm not Redhood anymore! I've put the mask aside!

You have worked for me before, you were my favorite employe :pinkiecrazy:

You don't know it, but I know you fairly well... :pinkiecrazy:


I have now an editor, so expect the prologue and maybe the chapter 1 soon ;)

I :heart: you, I'll wait
The idea, as I think I said before, sounds good :pinkiecrazy:


Hey stop it! I've finally found an editor. It's not an opportunity for you to scare my readers before they read my story. :trixieshiftright:

But after they do, my eyes'll be closed. :scootangel:

I will consume all your souls :pinkiecrazy:

322932 Mature, definitely.

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