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Here is where anypony can come and ask for a collab with another pony!

A/N: Picture/Wallpaper soon to come!

The flame is gone, the fire remains...

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hello i really hope this group is still active tho oh and i would like to do a collab with someone if that alright

Comment posted by Elusive Phoenix deleted Oct 11th, 2013

Came here to Stalk Lord of nothing.

322273 Ok, i'll let him know

Well, offer to add it to the group.

322201 Won't be my story. He's putting it up because he has not put any up so far

If you so choose, you may add it to this group.

322129 Well, if you give it a bit, I will a friend will have a collab story that I did with him up and running, titled Illogical Psychological Warefare

He goes around, finding collab stories for this group, and posts threads if he has an idea for a collab.

322011 Really? Yay! *jumps in the air, but stops* Wait... what does an admin do in a group?

I sorry....Here. I make you admin.

Prince, I am apalled that you started a party adn did not invite me.

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