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Sometimes stories are lost to us through one reason or another. An author may delete a beautiful piece of literature and leave you in the dust. This place is for stories like that.

The goal is twofold - we write eulogies for stories we've lost, describing what we can remember and what we loved about them. We also attempt to help others get those stories back, be it by dredging up mirrors or bombarding the authors for the writing.

Since it's rather hard to add deleted stories to a group, each story will get a thread with eulogies as replies, the best being added into the OP. Stories that have not been found should be marked with [Dead], stories that are recovered similarly should be labelled [Recovered]. Stories that no longer exist that you're looking for should be marked [Lost].

For those of us with terrible memories of titles or plots, there is an exploit that lets you see the image, title and short description of deceased stories. Simply create a favourites box on your User Page. The lists contained actually show every story, deleted or otherwise, in your favourites. If someone has a better method I'd be glad to put it up here.

For authors who would rather their work remain in the ground, I kindly request you cool your irritated posterior and message me. If you have reasons that I deem valid, I'd be obliged to compensate or, in the unlikely case you've a truly strong argument, squelch the story mirrors.

Since this group is unorthodox, its growth will have to be propagated by word of mouth; I urge users interested to share it with friends or kindred souls so that more stories may once again be read. Thank you.

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Well, feel free to add their relevant threads and upload the files, if they're not there already. It's good to see people appreciating this initiative.

At least three of my favourite stories have been deleted, so I like the idea of this group. I have all of them downloaded, though, so I fortunately didn't lose them completely. :twilightsmile:

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