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The Masked Ghost
Group Admin

So, heres how everything works and the rules.

To become an Admin, I only take those that I trust and that I trust who can run the group.
As to become a contributer or in other words, to write Reviews, Send me a PM, saying that you want to be one.

However, you don't become one right off the bat. You will have to answer some questions, as...
-Why do you want to review movies?
-How often do you see movies in theatres?
-How do you rate stuff?
-How many movies do you own? (It can just be an estimate number)
-Do you think when reviewing a movie, do you think in a fair review or not? Or Just send me an example on how you would review a movie. It could be a new or an old classic one.

Also, As a Contributer, you can review old and new movies.

If you are going to review a new movie that is or is about to be in theatres, send me a quick PM on that movie. If you are the first to do it, then you can review it. If not, then you won't be able to review it and might have to choose something else.

It works the same for old movies as well.

One other rule that I do sort of require, but not really, but it's something that I prefer, is to when you have a review, please put a picture of that movie, such as a poster of that movie, before you review.

Also, there is a raiting system to follow. This rating system is from bad to good.
Dog Shit (This is the wrost rating)
It's a good time...if you're drunk
It's a good time, but you're not going to remember it in T-Minus(whatever number you think is right for that movie, such as in hours or days.)
It's a good time, no achoal required
I would buy this movie on Blu-Ray
(Movie title).. is... Awesometacular (This is the best rating)

However, if you just want to do a simple star raiting on 1-10 scale thing, that's fine, but this is mostly prefered.

Also, If you would like to write your review on Google Docs, that is fine, but make sure to put a link to the review when you post your short, preview review on the catolouge and make sure that the doc is public for everyone to see.

As a user, who just want to read reviews or make threads that if you didn't feel like it was right, then make it then.
However, there a some rules to follow.
1. No trolling.
2. keep cursing to a minuimum
3. Don't say anything bad about the reviewers. I'ts their opinion, and they do make it a fair review.
4.You can go off topic about other stuff, but, please, don't do it often.
5. If you have some movie news, don't be afraid to say it, but make sure it's legit.

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