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The second week of DC/Marvel Mash ups!

This week...

First off, we have... the Spectacular Spider Bat!

Bruce Parker was born to a family of wealthy philanthropist and industrialists. But, when his family is killed by a corporate raider in an attempt to steal their secrets on genetic research, the criminal ran through the DNA research department where they were running their tests on spiders. The criminal was eaten alive, but one set it's sites on young Peter, stowing away on his backpack as he was taken away by his families loyal body guard and friend, Benjamen Pennyworth.

It wasn't until he was alone, trying to gather his thoughts that the spider made his move while young Bruce got lost in a cave. Before he knew it, the spider had bit him several times and, if not for the timely intervention of a bat eating the creature and his butler finding him, he would have been killed. Instead, he was rushed to the hospital and saved.

It wasn't until later that young Bruce Parker realized that he'd gained super reflexes, the proportional strength of a spider, a danger sense and the ability to crawl walls. But even still, the young boy realized it wasn't enough, so he traveled the world, learning every martial art and science he could from the best masters the world over, eventually taking both the symbol that nearly killed and the one that had been his salvation.

Now, he defends Gotham City as the SPECTACULAR SPIDER-BAT, patrolling the streets and facing down enemies that as the savior of the common man!

Next we have... the Wondrous Marvel Woman

Everything was going smoothly in a routine patrol over Mediterranean waters for Diana Danvers. That was until a freak lightning storm forced her down, striking her F-16 down and causing her to crash. She would have died if not for the kindness shown by the Amazons, an ancient race of mythical female warriors, long forgotten to the age of mysticism.

Accepted as one of them, she was magically endowed with their strength and, for her courage and honor on and off the field of battle, she was adopted as the daughter of the queen. But she never could forget about her home and where she came from, so, as much as it pained her, she repaired her jet and enchanted it with invisibility.

However, when she return to the world at large, she found that she could no longer stand the indignity and disgrace that plagued the world. Armed with her new powers, her enchanted amazonian armor, the lasso of truth and the honor and grace the amazons had gifted her with, she vowed to fight for justice above all else.

Now, Diana Danvers is... THE WONDROUS MARVEL WOMAN, the bridge between the modern and the ancient worlds!

2265258 Spider-Bat is a terrible name, as............... THERE'S NO SUCH THING!!!!!!! I'd prefer Spider-Knight.

2265273 Spider-Bat sounds fine. It's like the worst possible animal you could make in Avatar.

I would sh:applejackconfused:t myself if I saw a giant spider with bat wings :eeyup:

Also, what do you think of the origins?

2265284 Actually they have giant spider-CATS in Avatar. Also spider-snakes.

First one is fine, second is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2265302 Yeah, the first one is kind of a mishmash of Bruce and Peter. I wasn't really sure how to go about making it, so I just kind of did both origins at the same time.

I'm happy about the second one, though. It's like Diana Danvers is Fem!Steve Trevor.

2265316 As a reward, enjoy this :trollestia:

2265353 can't. Having a movie marathon right now.

Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel :scootangel:

Group Admin

2265258 MUCH EPIC


2265373 So far we have Four heroes!

Next week...

The villains!

Frost Ock and Poison! :yay:

Also, do you think Bruce Parker could have been done better?

2265375 his name is Bruce yet in your origin you call him
also, Bruce became bat man because he fears bats and that is explored on. In this there seems to be very little reason for a bat to be used. No offense i swear just a tidbit that bugs me.

2265431 changed the name after I first posted. I guess I missed that :facehoof:

Dude, I really love mash-ups. Nice work.

Do you guys remember Amalgam?

Comment posted by Commando-Scarecrow deleted Nov 29th, 2013

2265606 I know of it, yes.

2265431 I needed to work a bat in there somehow :applejackunsure:

It's better than being bitten by a radioactive bat or being attacked by a swarm of spiders.

2265637 Admittedly, the Spectacular Spider Bat origin just doesn't have the same feeling of awesome as the Wondrous Marvel Woman (love saying that).

I'm really looking forward to Frost Ock and Poison (Mr. Freeze/Dr. Octopus and Venom/Bane, respectively) :scootangel:

Mister Freeze + Doctor Octopus? Seems nice.
Bane + Venom? WTF?!

2265741 Hey, that was on of the pics in that other site that I found.

Also, bot basically mean 'poison', so...

yeah :applejackunsure:

I can see a doctor working in a cryogenic lab using mechanical arms for dangerous experiments.

But I really can't see how would Bane's and Venom's origins work together in one.

Already got what ya need for week 3

2265754 Already got it

He injected the symbiote into his blood stream :moustache:

2265757 those aren't really combinations so much as giving Marvel heroes lantern rings.

Comment posted by Wave Blaster deleted Nov 29th, 2013

Seems legit.

And how about this?

Not the last one!
It scares me.


This is the third time they give Kyle the power of a god.

Please stop doing that!

Srsly, I can't see an interesting development by overpowered the character, I mean he was the ascended fanboy, an average guy who was a fan of anime and comics that ran into the Green Lantern role almost by accident.

2266342 Not sure I count parralax. He was more or less a meat suit that time.

Also, I hope they keep him as a white lantern because I really don't want to stop calling Kyle Rayner Space Jesus :rainbowlaugh:

Dude, Kyle Rainier IS Jesus.

2266472 Yes, because apparently, DC's other Jesus (Superman) was not enough.

I love their subtlety with getting that across, though :trollestia:

Nah he's still Jesus.

I wasn't counting Parallax, I was talking about when he was Ion TWICE!

Look, the whole "Space Jesus" could work as a future for the character, like the Golden Superman from Dc #1,000,000 but I would like to see him doing thins that other lanterns don't do like spending some time in earth or working with the Justice League.

2266580 He's kind of showing the new guardians around the galaxy while Hal Jordan runs the the corps.

That's important, right?

Más o menos.

But a little bit boring, any conflict under the level of "cosmical menace about to destroy existence" seem too little now.

2266630 Well what's the silver surfer do?

You got a point. But if Kyle is going to be "DC's Silver Surfer" then the character is going through a very rough dork age

2266721 No really. I don't know what the Surfer actually does. Tell me.

And I guess it all depends on execution. I mean, the GL corps runs into universal threats every Tuesday, so I'm willing to see what Rayner will do to stop them.

As far as I know, the Surfer comics are more like a tour through the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe (but I barely read Marvel at all so I could be wrong)

But having a character that can stop crisis level threats eliminates the danger at all and the story doesn't have a real conflict.

2266792 I think he just have all the powers of all the lantern corps, but not super charged versions of them, along with the white light, but he can't revive people, just heal.

So I don't think he's super outrageously strong. He can just do more than other lanterns.

I'm not what he'll do if he's not doing GLC stuff :applejackunsure:

But the idea of the character was to have a more closer to the reader character involved with all the things super-heroes face, if they something interesting to say I'll buy it but the last issue had nothing insteresting whatsoever, and the character didn't show any of the development from previous issues.

I hope that the next issue can be better than the last but the evidence say otherwise (jeez, I'm starting to sound like Lunar Avenger)


(jeez, I'm starting to sound like Lunar Avenger)

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