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I found these online and thought it would be cool if I gave them names and back stories. They already have names on the site, but I wanted to play around with them. These are just the first two!

The others will come in the following days.

And this is my thing, so no copycats :trixieshiftright::

To the right, we have the heroic Captain Super!

When Clark Rogers was just a boy out in the fields of Kansas during the great dust bowl, he worked harder than any other, weak and tired though his body made him. Stricken with asthma and several other conditions that hindered him, young Clark still proudly went out to volunteer for service during WW II. Every time he was turned away, he just kept moving, trying to do his country proud.

Until one day, he was stricken by a car on his way to the next recruitment office. His will still unyielding, he dragged himself there, God and everyone watching. Amazed by the weak young man's fortitude and power of will, a scientist from Area 51 stabilized him and took him to the labs. There, his DNA was combined with the remnants of an alien that fell to the Nazi's diabolical schemes only a year earlier in the defense of the innocent!

Now, as Captain Super, Clark Rogers fights the never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!!!

To the left, we have Captain Thor!

One day, Billy Blake was just a child, he was more noble than most veterans. Always ready to defend those who couldn't defend themselves, he was chosen by the great queen of the Aesir, Frigga, to defend the land of midgard.

Now, when he calls the magic word of Mjolnir and touches the hammer around his neck, and with the nobility of Tyr, god of war and justice, the knowledge of Heimdal, the watchman, the power of Odin, the King of Asgard, and the speed of Rungner, the giant, Billy Blake defends the nine realms of from all many of rogue giants, villainous curs and demons.

For he is no longer just Billy Blake! He is Captain Thor! Asgard's mightiest mortal!

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2221643 Truth be told, Runger is a frost giant and his horse is the fast one, but there weren't any Norse gods that started with the letter 'R', so I had to take liberties.

2221627 For Captain Super? You just described THIS guy

Super-Soldier AKA the first and cannon Superman/Captain America mash-up. Same back story too!! Although throw a cowl on Captain Super and he does have the superior costume :eeyup:

2221665. Find one with Iron Man. And I'm guessing this is those Spider-Bat pictures came from.

2221694>>2221708 I think I'm going to change his name...


Also, because Captain Super is the name of the evil Captain Marvel of Earth 3

Then again, the 'S' is already there...

What do you think?

And it's 'canon', not 'cannon'

welcome to the world of Amalgam Gentlemen.

in 1997 DC and Marvel worked together to be a new level of awesome these are the results...

2221892I know

I like these designs better :applejackunsure:

2221949 tis all cool babe i was just bringin' everyone up too speed just in case. plus that Thorian one is nearly identical to the canon one. lol but to his their own.

silly boy iron lantern is classic and Spider Boy as tough i personally wanna see an iron man/nightwing cause yolo.

jes...cause giving tony stark a ring of unimaginable power is all.

Batman and spawn

2222051. It evens the field with most of the guys he goes up against. He might actually be able to handle Thor with a green ring.

2223212. Thing is I'm right though. So you just go over there and lose your mind cause I won this one. Come on. I'd kick Ass with that ring.

2223229 A GL ring tops out at around 100 tons of strength. Now, I'm not saying that it wouldn't be a good match, but against the Captain Thor who has the power of four gods in the Norse pantheon?

No... way :rainbowlaugh:

2223250. Well Stark Tech and Green Lantern Will is a combo that could go far. Besides, Thor and Captain Marvel is ki da OP. I like the Super Man Cap combo cause he looks awesome and even a lot of the earthly enemies could give him trouble, but Thor and Captain Marvel? Too much man. Actually that's got me thinking. Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk. Who would they combine with. Well Hawkeye and Green Arrow. There's one. Black Widow and Black Canary? What would she be called?

2223360 Dude, you're hijacking mah thing here!

STAHP! :rainbowlaugh:

2223364. You shouldn't have got me going. The Justice Avengers will be born.

2223371 And it's not like Captain Thor doesn't have a weakness. He still needs to call out the name of his hammer and touch the necklace to transform, and Captain Super (still not sure on that name) has all the powers of Superman, only maybe watered down just a little bit.

2223387. Makes sense. So cover the kids mouth and he's done. Got it. But yeah. Justice Avengers. That might happen.

2223476>>2221643>>2221694>>2222003 gonna d the next mash up on Friday. Maybe make it information longer


Ummm...not it freakin' doesn't. Have you not SEEN some of the feats a Green Lantern can do?

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