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Are you a Marvel fan?

Are you a DC fan?

Are you a MLP fan?

Might you, by any chance, love all of them equally?

Then this is the group for you! Here you can have stories that are both Marvel and DC crossovers, without worrying about being hated on by anybody.

So come, browse, and see what you like!

Please, this group is for everyone, fans of Marvel and DC alike. So please, no flaming or hating. If someone likes DC more then Marvel or visa versa, don't go flaming their opinions. We're all fan boys here. So let's act that way.


Below are the rules that apply to everyone in the group. Please follow them to the best of your ability, especially the first five rules. New rules are added as I see fit.

Rule No. 1:
No one is allowed to act in a vulgar and/or contentious way towards anyone else. We're all friends here. No one is allowed under any circumstances to unjustly mock and/or humiliate another user, nor are they allowed to unjustly mock and/or humiliate another users' fandom. No hate threads are allowed.

Rule No. 2:
All threads must have either Marvel, DC or both as the main subject. Not because we're prejudiced against other fandoms, but simply because I want to have the forum to be focused on what it was created for, which is Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

Rule No. 3:
No threads will be allowed that are obviously flame war inducing. Posts complaining about something in Marvel or DC is allowed, as long as it's not contentious and/or vulgar.

Rule No. 4:
No threads will be allowed with excessive foul language. Words like 'damn' and 'crab' are allowed, but words like 'fuck' and 'shit' are not.

Rule No. 5:

Rule No. 6:
Any threads containing a video as the main subject must have a description of the video in the rest of the post. Please don't post the video only, as it can lead to confusion. All that's needed is a brief description of the video and/or you're thoughts on the video.

Rule No. 7:
From now on, any threads involving Marvel shall be marked as such, and the same goes for DC Comics. titles like this: "Marvel Related: The new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past" are preferred to just "NEW TRAILER".

Rule No. 8:
Other comic book companies (i.e. Vertigo or Image comics) are allowed, as long as they are marked with the phrase "Non-Marvel/DC".

Rule No. 9:
There is a three strike policy in regards to conduct within the group. If on three separate threads a person in any way violates rules 1-5, it will count as a strike. If they continue the behavior, they will be banned from the group for a week, then allowed back in under a one month probation. If such behavior resumes during their probation, they are banned from the group and not allowed to rejoin under any circumstances.

Rule 10:
Please don't mark a thread as sticky if it isn't a vitally important piece of information regarding either the comic book industry or the group as a hole. Also, any proposed sticky threads must be sent to me first so I can deem them worthy of making sticky.

Rule 11:
If a thread is detailing major spoilers for either a comic run or a movie, please mark the thread accordingly.

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The biggest problem with the DC films? They assume their audience is full of old fans who ALREADY love their characters. They're obsessed with doing "New Things" and showing their beloved characters as flawed douches, forgetting that their modern audiences never saw these characters at their best, so seeing them at their worst means nothing.

Yeah, I'd say that was the only good DC movie we ever got.

Comment posted by The Bronymation deleted March 5th

That Wonder Woman film was pretty good.

I have a series of X-Men/Equestria Girls crossover stories planned for the future. One of my blogs gives a summary about the first one I have planned.

Which one do you think is more interesting:
Transformers vs Godzilla
Justice League vs Avengers

Finally, a place where people like both Marvel and DC and don't fight over which one is better!

slnetn. Deadpool review thread's blocked I guess. And everything's deleted.

can somebody plz make A DOOMSDAY FIC!!!!!

Am I the only one here who still likes Smallville? :rainbowderp:


I'm actually not the biggest DC/Marvel fan right now, but I have two story ideas that I want to work on.

372787 Mare-Do-Well isn't exactly based off of either company, so I'm not sure if it belongs.

I might add folders for her and the Power Ponies in the future if I feel like it, but again, I'm not sure.

Should Mare Do Well fics be added to the DC folder, if at all? The story I'm thinking of adding has some Batman elements.

I accidentally put a story in the dc folder when I wanted to put it in the marvel folder
It's called the truth of king sombra
I do not know how to remove it
Sorry about that
Sorry for putting it in the wrong folder

As a regular Marvel Avengers Alliance player, I thought it would be 20% cooler with playable ponies, but unless there's an MLP: FiM version of the game, that ain't gonna happen.:derpytongue2: But I made some blog posts about how the ponies could act if they were somehow added to the game.

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