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That's right, folks. One of the combatants in the next episode of Death Battle (which is scheduled to come out on September 13) is going to be Batman in his Hellbat armor from New 52.

As for who is going to fight him this time, I have no idea. If you can think of an opponent who can match the power of this particular suit, please feel free to share your opinion.

Well, possibly Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armor.

Or one of the assorted versions of Satan.

Or the Disney version of Jafar in his genie form.

Or the Disney's Hercules version of Hades.

Or Malificent.

Or Lord Tirek in his most powerful form.

Or Mephisto.

Or Ghost Rider.

Or the Silver Surfer.

Or Big Guy (from the Big Guy and Rusty).

Or Voltron.

Or Hal Stewart/Titan (from Megamind).

Or the DuckTales reboot version of Gizmoduck.

Or the Homelander (the Boys; not that I think Homelander would stand a chance; I just think it would be great Karma seeing him getting his rear handed to him by somebody who was smarter than him, a much more skilled fighter AND had the tech to beat his muscle).

Or Omni Man (from Invincible; Omni Man would probably give him a pretty decent fight, but Batman in that particular armor MIGHT stand a chance).

Or Galactus.

Or Frankenstein Junior (Hanna-Barbera)

Or Smaug (the Hobbit)

Or Bowser in his Giga Bowser form.

Or Dynomutt (in his smartest version with all of his gadgets working right)

Or Goozer (Ghostbusters)


Probably going to be Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armor though.

Maybe they're going with the hell theme and putting him against Spawn or Devilman

Keeping with the Spiders vs Bats theme, I would assume he's going against anotheriteration of Spiderman.

But I don'tknow enough about Hellbat to know which one. Maybe Iron Spider.

Possibly. But I think it would have to be the Captain Universe power Spider-Man to give Batman in that particular armor a decent fight.

But, Batman has also gone up against Captain America and Black Panther (winning the former, but losing the latter) as well in Death Battle, so Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armor is still a definite possibility.


Yeah. That could certainly work. Of course, so could many of the assorted versions of Satan. Other possibilities include Mephisto and Ghost Rider. And, if they decided to go for Disney, Malificent (classic version) or Hades (Disney's Hercules version) could work as well. Really, there are A LOT of possibilities.

Considering it's Batman, they're more likely to put him against someone hero or villain based so Disney could be crossed out. Don't qoute me in that though. Wouldn't be the first time they threw a curveball at us. Maybe there is some supernatural Ironman variant

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