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Thanks for sharing this. LOVED the John Williams Superman theme.

Admittedly, I would have preferred they let Sam Vincent and Scott McNeil reprise their respective roles as Krypto and Ace from the 2005-2006 animated Krypto series (with respect to Dwayne Johnson, he's a bit too larger than life to play what is supposed to be a humble hero and Kevin Hart is too goofball to play Batman's - canine partner - who is just as ultra-serious as the Caped Crusader himself). But I DO appreciate the thought of giving the more light-hearted end of the DC Universe a fair shake.

Since this is going to be focused on (at least a few of) the DC Super-animals, it's reasonably safe to guess that this is going to be rated PG rather than PG-13. And, with a PG rating, it's easy to guess that most of the violence will be of a slapstick nature and there will a few moderately scary scenes (but nothing beyond the abilities of a few super-powered animals to reasonably handle), very little swearing (and what little there is falls into the "mild" category), no sex (though mentions of past and/or present relationships is about fifty-fifty) and jokes not much dirtier than references to animals - doing their business. Which I don't mind one bit. I actually liked both of the "Secret Life of Pets" movies, so this would be like that with super-powers.

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