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As a fan of the Injustice series, I have mixed feelings about this announcement.

On one hand, it feels kinda redundant since the story mode of the first game already consists of cinematic cutscenes with tons of action and even though they don't look as good as the ones in the second game, they still look pretty good for a fighting game that came out in 2013.

Hell, they look a thousand times better than the ones in the previous Netherrealm game, Mortal Kombat 9.

On the other hand, I'm excited, because there may be a chance that they will adapt scenes from the Injustice comic-book series into the movie and there are A LOT of moments from those comics that I would love to see in a movie. Also, this could give the writers a chance to fix some of the narrative problems with those comics, which I have to admit, there are quite a few (particularly in the Years 1 and 4).

So, what do you guys think? Are you excited for this movie, nervous about it, or do you just don't care?

Wouldn't mind an Injustice 3 accompanying it.

I really want an Injustice 3.

I wouldn't count on DC Animation to fix narrative problems. Lately their M.O. seems to be creating new ones with unnecessary changes and/or added story elements.

To be honest, I'm kind of 50/50 on the Injustice 3 thing. At this point, the "evil Superman" (heck, even the "evil Superman Expies") deal is PAST played out (though, for some reason, I'm willing to make an exception with Ultraman). On the other hand, it might be interesting to see who ends up being the main villain.

Me? I have four possible images in my head as for the main villain:

1. The Batman Who Laughs (i.e. a Batman who came from a universe where Joker actually DID succeed in pushing him into breaking his "no killing rule" but, in the process, gets exposed to something that copies the Joker's memories and personality on to him, resulting in a nightmarish Batman/Joker hybrid with Batman's skills and resources, the Joker's insanity and the combined intellect and experience of both). After two straight games with Superman as the villain, it might be time to mix things up by having an evil Batman)

2. Nekron (if Injustice 3 opts for something based on "Blackest Night"); might be intriguing to see the Injustice universe heroes having to fight essentially zombie versions of their dead friends and families. Plus, a Black Lantern Joker would be really neat to see as the second-in-command of the undead invasion.

3. The Anti-Monitor (for something modelled after Crisis on Infinite Earths): After all, if Injustice 3 is going to be the end of the line, it makes sense to use The DC Multiverse's biggest villain.

or 4. The Crime Syndicate (for kind of an inversion of the FIRST Injustice game; the Injustice universe answer to the Justice League could be called in to another universe to help out against Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring and Johnny Quick).

a) It would it be a potentially fun ironic callback.

b) It might appeal to those that are fine with an evil Superman AND those that might want to see an evil Batman.

and c) Seeing the Injustice universe heroes' reaction to meeting not only the Crime Syndicate's Luthor (who would not be that different from the one from their own universe), but also possibly a good guy version of the Joker, might be entertaining.

I know what you mean. I could actually rip into those movies for an entire day to point out so many things. And they certainly are overall better than the live action universe, but it's annoying how many people act like they are perfect.

Still excited for the Justice Society WW2 movie though, and hoping that it kicks off a series about them instead of jumping back to the future.


At this point, the "evil Superman" (heck, even the "evil Superman Expies") deal is PAST played out

And that right there is the exact reason why I'm not excited for this at all.

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