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(Yes. I am using his New 52 look because Look at that suit! Its a badass suit he has on!!) Also we all know Vandal Savage, He has been around since the dawn of Cavemen. Through the use of a meteor he gained intelligence and throughout the years he has built a name for himself throughout history. Super strong? Check. Super intelligent? Check. Pretty much the best Hand to hand fighting expert with lots of warrior like experience and one of the best tacticians? Check. Probably the most deadly foe to anyone who is anyone in the DC universe he has fought.


The Eternal Warrior! If ya haven't read a Valiant comic, you are probably missing out. The Eternal Warrior a.k.a. Gilad Anni-Padda has fought in wars since pre-history! Aggressive and driven, Gilad has super strength and durability, as well as the ability to heal almost any wound. He was able to send Aric a.k.a X-0 Manowar flying several feet with a simple palm thrust to the back, and he was able to lock swords with Aric in the Manowar armor. With several lifetimes worth of experience, he is an exceptional fighter and warrior. Reason for this match up? He is probably a guy who can give Vandal a run for his money for once. An Immortal to match wits with in terms of warfare.

So who do you think wins?

1815290 If neither of them can die, then neither of them can win. They'd end up teaming up to take over the world, combining resources and skill to do so

I'm gonna go with Vandal since I haven't actually seen anyone put him down permanentely for any period of time.


You can still incapacitate immortals by beheading them dude.

1815305 Why did you comment to yourself?

Also, you sure? The Spectre wants to kill Vandal oh so badly, but can't because he's immortal, which implies that that won't work


:facehoof: My bad, thought I hit the edit button...

Has anyone ever tried that trick with Vandal btw? Because I mean lets face it, we all know Immortality doesn't mean your invincible due to terms in decapitation.

1815319 That pic is epic, btw. It reminds me of Jack's dad from Pirates of the Caribbean


I just really really loved the choices in design to go with modern day Vandal. That or maybe its just cause I seriously like Pirates but still, it was a great choice in design.

1815327 it looks like they kept the scar idea from Young Justice, too.


Scars do make the man and the super villain. :moustache:

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