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Also just to let everyone know, this particular version of Hyperion shown was able to hold two universes from colliding each other for a period of time. That's easily a Superman level feat, so pretty sure they're on comparable levels.


Jeezus.... This is a toughy since I always thought of them as equals in terms of power.

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1811308 I'm first going to make a low brow joke at the expense of Hyperion:

He looks like he's giving the Nazi Salute in the picture you picked:twilightoops:

And I'm going to vote in favor of Superman. Apparently, he's able to crush a planet with a single punch during the Golden Age.

1811336 What do you........................ Well now I feel stupid.:ajbemused:

I think you mean Silver Age. In the Golden Age he was less powerful.

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1811368 Okay then Silver Age.

I must admit my knowledge of the inner workings of comic book history comes mostly from reading lots of Wiki articles and TV Tropes:twilightblush:

1811375 Mine comes mostly from reading trades of older issues and such.............. in addition to a few wiki articles.

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1811386 That makes sense. I keep telling myself to try and get some but I don't really know which ones to get. Not to mention with some of the older comics, they reprint them really tiny sometimes.

I also watch a lot of Linkara though, so that does help

I'm saying Hyperion because Superman is not anywhere near powerful enough to hold entire universes at bay. Crushing a planet and pushing against a universe is totally different.

1811489 I think you're forgetting something. Quick flight to the sun and instant power boost :eeyup:

1813334 Okay? He's still not that powerful.

1813422 A bit longer in the sun and we go into this

Comment posted by TheInvincibleIronBrony deleted Sep 24th, 2013

1813444 :ajbemused: Okay and. Superman has NEVER been strong enough to hold apart two universes.

1813472 And yet a counterpart of his was able to punch reality.

1813523 Okay now you arent even talking about the same Superman anymore.


Hyperion also possesses the ability to use cosmic energy to augment his life force granting him great longevity and regenerative abilities, courtesy of his Eternal heritage

Straight from the wiki.

1813582 Yeah.................... In all honesty I'm just trying to keep the thread going :trollestia:

1813599Ah, I see well in thast case I recomend a less planet destroying fight and maybe pit Black Panther against Wild Cat or Mocking Bird against the Huntress.

1813705 Also, I just rechecked the issue and Hyperion was holding two PLANETS apart, one from one universe and one from his own. There were universes behind it but it wasn't holding the universes it was just holding the planets apart which is still impressive and yet still more than what New 52 Supes has shown, who has only been shown benching the approximate weight of Earth.

1813748 Still Hyperion has control over Cosmic energy which puts on or above the level of a god.

Anyways before we get back into that, I advocate that the next match up be a little less God level. These fights are getting a little tiresome.

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