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I love the classic F4 line-up, but during their long run in the comics the team has had some change-ups. So what are YOU'RE favorite incarnations of the team? My two personal favorites are:

The New Fantastic Four

And when She-Hulk was on the team

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1810450 Classic line up for me.


Besides New fantastic four, These guys:

1810455 I love the classic line-up, but this thread of more about the different incarnations of the team. I love the New Fantastic Four since it really is the perfect replacement team when you get right down to it. Ghost Rider for the fire-power, not to mention he's got more versatile powers with the Penance Stare and magic chain. Spider-Man easily fills Reed's role as the brainy guy of the team and with his agility and web-shooters is a perfect stand in for Reed's stretching. The Hulk replacing Thing? Well that's just a given and while Wolverine may not seem like a good replacement for Sue, he's really good at stealth ops and such as well as being able to basically act as a human shield in most cases due to his adamantium skeleton and healing factor.

Also I love She-Hulk as a character anyway so I'll read anything where she has the spotlight. :derpytongue2:

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1810538 Interesting.....

These are the times I really wish it were easer to catch up on comics instead of just reading lots of wiki articles.:twilightblush:

1810554 Well this did happen in the 80's so....................................... :applejackunsure::unsuresweetie:

Favorite incarnation of the team : Super- skrull ? :unsuresweetie:
Na just kidding, ghost rider, spider man, hulk and wolverine rocks
Though i would choose phoenix instead of wolverine to replace sue

I think I'm more of a Future Foundation kinda guy. I laughed my ass when Spidey showed up to the team meeting wearing a Fantasitc Four uniform and everyone got all mad at him.

The one with the She-Hulk in it was kind of fun. :pinkiehappy:


He wore it in poor taste at the time. :twilightblush:

1810538 Wolverine's Healing isn't as good as everyone thinks. He made a deal with death years ago so that everytime he died he fought death. If he won he came back. That deal has been revoked. If he dies again he stays dead.... and then comes back at a convienent time.

1812756 Oh I'm well aware, just saying that it still makes him what amounts to a human shield :derpytongue2:

1812784 Not really. It would take him at least an hour to heal any serious wounds, like a bullet wound. Don't know why they made it so quick in the movies. Anyaway Hulk would be there wall while Wolverine sneaks up behind them.

1812844 In the comics I've seen him heal his entire face from being shot off by Punisher in a few panels.

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