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Why haven't they made this?

It would be great.

1806914 Actually I'd love it if The Doctor managed to explain magic in the Harry Potter universe, thus shattering any pre-conceived notions about it in their universe as it ends up being a highly advanced form of science left behind by ancient aliens. .................. Yeah I just want The Doctor to do that. You gotta admit it would be hilarious to see the reactions :pinkiecrazy:

1806926 If you want to see The Doctor face magic Watch the Seventh Doctor Serial "Battle Field". I highly recomand it.

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1806914 whose Gene Hunt (sorry if I'm not up to date on my brit culture:twilightblush:)

1806914 You bastard...

You left out V!!! :flutterrage:

1806914 I'd have used Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock. But that's a personal preference. You should toatally write a fic on this and post a link to whatever site you put it on here.

1808139 Hey. I didn't make the poster. I just got it off of a website. But it would be very cool if he was a part of the UK Avengers.

1807415 He's a character in the british show life on mars and ashes to ashes. He was a police officer who did brutal tactics and was corrupt. But he usually helped out the main characters Sam Tyler and Alex Drake in their adventures in solving crimes.

1808868 I wouldn't know how to make this fic. I wouldn't know what the story would be.... should it follow the movie avengers or something different.

1806926 Yeah that would be cool...... You think you could do a fic on this? TheInvincibleIronBrony suggested it. And just to make Knight of all Scarecrows cool off put V from V for Vendetta in it as part of The United Kingdom Avengers. And also put the villains from their series. For Harry Potter have Lord Voldemort, For Sherlock Holmes have Jim Morriarty, For the Doctor have the Master, John Simms version, and the Daleks, For James Bond have Ernst Stavro Blofeld, think of an actor that would do well for a reboot if he was in one of the new james bond movies, For Gene Hunt have Harry Woolf and for V have Adam Sutler from the V for Vendetta Movie.

1809764 In that case, my apologies for calling you a 'bastard' :applejackunsure:

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1808139>>1809803 um not to rain on anyone's parade, but V is a terrorist.

He kinda blew up Parliment, tortured an innocent women for months and killed at least a thousand people when he blew up the aforementioned Parliment.

...yeah its pretty clear that I don't like V...:twilightblush:

1810047 sure but he had a good reason. He was tearing down an oppressive government. That's a bit noble. The line between good and evil isn't as black and white as you think.

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1810476 It is when you have to kill thousands of otherwise innocent people to topple said government.:ajbemused:

Yeah I'll warn you right now that when people call V a 'hero' I kinda go into a berserker rage.

1810483 thousands dead for a future of true freedom. These things coma at a cost. Plus I never said he was a hero I just don't think he's evil.

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thousands dead for a future of true freedom

I'm going to refrain from responding because I'll probably end up saying something I'm going to really regret later on.

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