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Lee's version of Superman, real name Salden, debuted in Just Imagine Stan Lee with John Buscema Creating Superman (November 2001). Creators Stan Lee and John Buscema based this version on the character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
His powers include super-strength and super-speed. Salden was the weakest member of the Kryptonian Police Force. He used a flying harness and managed to capture a dangerous criminal in a teleportation lab. However, the criminal put Salden and himself on a one-way trip to an insignificant little blue-green planet: Earth. The two men arrive separately, both discovering they have enhanced physical abilities.

Batman, real name Wayne Williams, debuted in Just Imagine Stan Lee with Joe Kubert Creating Batman (September 2001). Creators Stan Lee and Joe Kubert based this version on the character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
Like the original, this Batman has no superpowers. Unlike Bruce Wayne, Wayne Williams is African American, not Caucasian. He is in excellent physical condition, and has a vast personal fortune allowing him access to custom equipment including: night vision lenses, Kevlar costume and sensors to magnify sound and cape-like bat wings to glide.

And the last I will go over is Stan Lee's version of Shazam.

Lee re-imagines the original Captain Marvel/Shazam premise by having the hero be a mild mannered Interpol agent, Robert Rogers. Unbeknownst to Rogers, he is given the power (through a spell conjured by Merlin) to transform himself with an intonation of the magical word "Shazam" by a fakir dying on the streets. In his transformation, he becomes a large red monster that can grow wings for flight, is super strong, and whenever he says Shazam moments later will change between either form. Yes he keeps his intelligence in his monster form. He is instantly named Shazam due to the fact it's a delayed transformation rather than instant, as he yells to a crowd that he's Shazam, causing them to run and completely miss him turning back to normal.

So my fellow Marvel and DC fans, would I recommend the rest of the Just Imagine series? Well they aren't Stan's best, not by a long shot, but they're all very interesting in their own ways. His origins for Green Lantern, Sandman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Catwoman, and even Robin are all worth a look at.

This is pricleess. Stan the man does once more by trolling dc in a whole new way i love it.

I love this series not because there gold but because they are good and are new takes on classic characters

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