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Alright now this isn't an idea for a crossover or anything, just a random thought. Would someone like Frank Castle, the Ultimate Vigilante, work in the DC universe? Not Frank himself, but someone who has the same skills and drive to punish the guilty. Now for sake of argument let's say this person would start their career EARLY in the DCU, like before Batman had a Robin or anything and Superman has only been around for about a year.

So. DC Punisher. Could it work?

Batman would never tolerate him. He WOULD take him down without a second thought. Trust me on that.


Yeeeeah a guy like Punisher would pretty much have trouble if Superman were to stop him from killing and get knocked out with a mighty flick of a finger.

hahahahaa, first off DC's version is known as Rorschach and yes DC owns Watchmen and as for Frank himself, he coan and has killed gods, and devils by himself he could and would find and use methods that would make people like Deathstroke and Batman nod in respect at his tactical genius. and as for supes, if supes had the capacity to stop someone like Frank for good we'd have injustice so my point is there are such people in DC but MArvel just did it better. :eeyup:
p.s. i don not have any intent to start any form of debate so please keep your arguments to yourselves thank you. :twilightblush:

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 4