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1782036 Fill me in on the Surfer so I can judge how bad he'll get spanked :moustache:

1782126 He controls Cosmic energy, can travel anywhere in the universe in seconds, has bested Green king Hulk in terms of strength, Can take down Thor (who now controls the Odin Force), and is Galactus's most trusted Herald. Who's getting spanked now?

1782149 Not even Superman could take down the Anti-Monitor by himself :moustache::moustache:

1782195 Wait, didn't the entire DC universe help in that fight?

1782215 Several DC universes, actually. :rainbowdetermined2:

And two SILVER age Supermen, and we all know how powerful they were precrisis... actually, no we don't. They were outrageously OP Pre-Crisis :applejackunsure:

1782227 So how does Superman beat the Surfer?

1782253 You're going to have to be more specific. Surfer is stronger, faster, more durable and can implode entire planets at will. The dude can even transfer his powers to anyone he wants and then take them back. What does Superman have on that?

1782280 Infinite. Mass. Punch.


Superman can reignite stars with his eyes and planet bust with his bare hands.

No matter who wins, though, it would be a great fight. :yay:

1782293 True, but I still think Surfer would win hands down.

1782306 The Surfer uses Cosmic energy. He draws his power from the cosmos around him. He needs to be pit against someone on that level. Brute strength and Invulnerability are useless against him. Thor and Hulk figure that out the hard way.

1782315 Darksied! :yay:

You will never see :yay: right next to that name ever again :rainbowderp:

1782323:applejackconfused:Okay that may be going a bit far. I was thinking something more along the lines of like maybe Orion. I'm fairly certain Darkside would destroy the surfer.

1782351 That makes sense. Supers and Orion can go blow for blow, but a New God is made up of energy, right?

He's like a combination :moustache:

1782356 From what I know that's correct.


Silver Surfer vs Superman eeeeh?

Think we all know Silver Surfer wins hands down. And he can probably do something with Red Sun energy if he gets prior knowledge.

1790704 Yeah I know, he'd win. That was my side of the argument. Which I proved my point on.

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