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If you could have one of the following from either the Marvel or DC universe, what would it be?

Power of Shazam

Thor's hammer Mjolnir

A Power Ring from one of the various Lantern Corps(Which is up to you as they all have the same basic powers)

Or Captain America's Shield? Keep in mind this is a shield that would be indestructible to ANYTHING in the real world

Captain America's shield
or a power ring


Power of Shazam

New or old 52 Shazam? The only difference is the wisdom of Solomon, so either way, I go for that one. as long as I can hold off saying that word, I can live forever.

Group Admin

1781609 May I have all three?

1781637 Pre-New 52. New 52 Billy Batson sure could use the Wisdom of Solomon:ajbemused:

1781650 Just one. CHOOSE YOU'RE DESTINY! :flutterrage:


May I have all three?

You mean all four, right?

1781655 Isn't the shield also backed up by the power of righteousness?

That is an awesome power...

I miss Uncle Sam :fluttershysad:

Oh, and one more thing? :trixieshiftright:


1781663 Yeah I'd go with that too. Really if you think about it Thor has more diverse powers than Superman. Weather manipulation, energy manipulation, barrier creation, geokinesis, invisibility, healing, and can even bring a person back to life if he accidentally killed them!

1781676 Uh................... no. :ajbemused:

Blame the New 52. Give into your hate foolish Jedi. Give into the rage and together we shall rule the forums as Fanboy and fanboy!

1781690 To quote Spongebob

"Patrick......... I'm scared!" :twilightoops:

Also I gotta go with a power ring. Given my hatred of DC right now, I'm a prime candidate for a Red ring. Just hope it's one from GLTAS where I can still talk.

With the power ring you create a mjolnir and a captain america's shield

1781692 Revan is neither Jedi, nor Sith.

He is something greater than either.

You are all things, Revan, and yet... you are nothing. You belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.

-Darth Malak

1781759 Yeah.................... Man I wish TOR was a console game!!! Seriously why can't Bioware make an epic three part Star Wars game trilogy?!?! I don't even care if they recycle Mass Effect gameplay for it! They already have the workings for Force powers with Biotics!! Just let it happen!!!! If Disney has ANY kind of sense they'll get Bioware into a game contract pronto for a console based Star Wars game!!!

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