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All right, guys! That's a wrap! We got your stories, and we're revving the engines to start on the judging! Bear in mind that the judging's gonna be a pretty long and involved process (with a fairly large team to coordinate), so it might take a while to get all the results in, but we'll get on it with all due haste and diligence. In the mean time, you should go check out the stories from all the other entrants! We got something like ninety stories in here, and a lot of them look pretty darn interesting!

Also, bear in mind that this is just the complete list of all entries we've received. A few entries listed here might be disqualified from the contest proper if they didn't follow the rules (i.e. blatant contradiction of the prompt, ignoring the wordcount min/max, etc.), which we'll sift out once the judging starts. So if you're confused as to why a given entry is listed here, that's probably why.

Anywho, happy trails, guys. Good job. Now take a break--you've earned it.

Fallout: Equestria

Those Who Pierced Him by Clockmaker
The Time Of The Alicorn by Goldfur
Save the Records by TheBandBrony
Underground by Brambleshadow4
A World Without Kindness by billymorph
The Serene Forgetting by Avox
The marching madness by Orbiting Kettle
The Queen's Eye by J J N Whitley
Wasteland by AlphaOmega
Broken Roads Not_A_Hat
The Perspective of Many by UnicodingUnicorn
Aftermath by Murder Knight
The Motion of the Stars by Carabas
Moondrop by Chaotic Dreams
Life in the Wasteland by NorsePony
The Vault Initiative by rockyrobben
The Mailmare by Bad Horse
The Exterminator by HackamoreHalter
The Breezie Band of Smokey Mountain by FandomAnvil
No Sacrifice No Paradise by SirTimer
For the good of Equestria by melonLord
The Mulberry Gospel by Doseux
Ruin Value by Titanium Dragon
Shimmer of Hope by Nicktendonick
Along Came a Spider by Kirby Krackle
In Tunnels by KwirkyJ
This War of Ours by Swan Song
Harmony by Jessie Gage

My Little Dashie

Rainbow Dash, the Spartan by Lord Mackeroth
My Little Dashie: Reversed by Stanku
(Untitled) by TangerineBlast
There is Another Sky by Lambent Dream
The Real World by Hat
The Observer Effect by soulpillar
New Generations and Friends by A Random Guy
(Untitled) by Ben Berry
Remorse by RainbowBob
My Little Dashie: Cloud Trails by Door Matt
A Diamond and a Tether by PatchworkPoltergeist
The Last Orchard by Soge
My Twi by Severith
My Sweet Baby by Harmony Charmer
An Ally Called Preponderance by Myriad Kay
My Little Lyra by Sydney Rosen
And Then the Rain Began to Fall by WIL_I_ZIN
Interview with an Alicorn by M1Garand8
My Little Diamond by ABagOVicodin


Breadcrumbs by TantiMount
All In Bad Taste by KitsuneRisu
The Cup Cake Killer by SaddlesoapOpera
Changes by jmj
The Perfect Flavor by Shrinky Frod
Recipe by warewolves
Sins of the Fathers by Grand_Moff_Pony
Horsemeat by KingMoriarty
A Darker Shade of Pink by FanOfMostEverything
Panacea by AugieDog
It's Totally Not Cupcakes by Lapis-Lazuli and Inky J
The Cake of Aponyllado by PresentPerfect
Pinkie's Secret by BonMod
Giggle at the Darkness by Mike Mallett
Happy Birthday, Dear Twilight by Pascoite
Life is a Party by the dobermans


Please, Count to Five by Magello
Urheimat by Monokeras
Humans and Heartstrings by Cyanhyde
Second Singularity by dayoldspaghetti
Chill by FloydienSlip
To Be a Pony, To Be a Human by Leonardo Oliver Osborn
Lyra Gets Lost! by XangelMusic
Hands-On History by Nickel Bristle
Arcadia by Blueshift
Secret of the Stars by Zeck
Lyra Frees the Slaves by YellowStripedBat
Stranger Than Fiction by Kanzlerin Maud
Call The Stars Home by PropMaster
Secrets of Everfree by ArkansanDragon

Past Sins

NO SPIKE NO ! by Hillbe
Viva la Vida by Comet Burst
The Vagaries of Fate by Sparky Brony
In the Shadows by JLBDreamer
Pandemonium. by IMN
The Hatchling by Dafaddah
Nightmare Knicks by Super Trampoline
Plural Possessive by Aquaman
I'm Just Me by Gumball2
Beatrix, Harbinger of Annoyance by TheBrianJ
Ambition Undying by Vivid Syntax
Thaw by Hap
The Wild Garden of Childhood by SuspectEQN

Wowzers! That's a LOT of entries!

Looks like I got some reading to do!


Everyone is a winner for finishing a story to a deadline. I think this contest is not so easy to even enter.

That awkward moment when you notice and join the forum dedicated to the contest the day after the deadline passes. :facehoof:

I'd appreciate it if folks read "The Mailmare" on fimfiction (here) rather than on the Google doc page linked to above.

Any idea how many of them are straight-up retakes on the original idea, and how many are parodies, crackfics, or comedies?


Well, I've read Plural Possessive, and I know for certain that it's more a parody than a retake. Doesn't make it any less of a decent story, however. I enjoyed it immensely. My own story, as well as I know it, wouldn't really even be considered any of the three. More of an elaboration or a continuation from a completely different perspective than a retake.

I haven't really been able to get much farther, though. I'll be jumping between them as the days pass.

So far I haven't actually encountered any direct remakes, though that is probably because I'm avoiding the ones which SOUND like they're direct remakes. I've also read more than the ones I listed in my post, but I haven't added them yet because I haven't put up the reviews yet.

I've read a couple, gonna be a tough competition.

I've read all the cupcakes ones and it's not a bad batch. A few unique one's, very few full out gore fests, quite a lot of 'it was all a misunderstanding' ones.

All in all, these are the ones I would recommend:

All. Seriously, each one is only a few k's, so why not read them all? If you're squeamish to gore, just pay attention and skim those bits until the speaking starts once more.

Ruin Value is actually publicly submitted now (rather than just viewable via the link); it can be found here. Dunno who is in charge of adding stuff to the group folders.

Also, added a couple more stories to my list above. More reviews will be posted later this evening.


Dunno who is in charge of adding stuff to the group folders.


Your entry got in a bit late.
Lucky. :raritywink:

It wasn't late. It was up on Saturday night and publicly accessible in the link in the OP (I submitted the entry like 9 minutes before the deadline).

It just wasn't publicly posted on FIMFiction until today. There's a few other entries which I believe are in the same boat. Bad Horse's story on the site is fully posted in the link, but I don't think the last chapter or two is up yet on FIMFiction. I think Doseux's story is also still private.

Updated my review list; the currently-unlinked story reviews will be up tomorrow.

Think you'll review them all?
or at least mine?

At the risk of copying Titanium Dragon, here are my reviews so far (links to the review post):


Save the Records


Call the Stars Home.
Rainbow Dash the Spartan.


I'm Just Me.
Nightmare Knicks.

Hey, I think it is great to see other people doing reviews of the stories and talking about them. Speaking of which...

I've got more reviews up, and read a few more stories which will have their reviews go up tomorrow.

Also, going to have to check out Save the Records now.

I've mostly been reading ones by folks I know or ones which were recommended to me by folks, and my latest round of them (RIN #15, which is going to be posted tomorrow) didn't really encourage me to keep going through them. I'll definitely read yours if it wins a prize or gets recced to me by someone, though.

Reviewed four more of the stories today, as noted in the post above:

Do you plan to check out any more after this next batch, or will that be all?

The four I have left are on this list, barring someone telling me that one of them is not worth reading (or their writer not wanting me to read it). I don't like reading stories that I, well, don't like.

There is, however, a fully written set of reviews, but all of the stories I reviewed in that set are already listed above.

My story made the list! :yay: I was worried for a bit there that I'd missed the deadline, but I had trouble finding this forum. Good luck everybody! This was really fun. :pinkiehappy: Now to go read my fellow writers' entrees!

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