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Just who your favorite character is from the first game and why :twilightblush:
You can have pictures if they aren't spoiler-y. If your favorite character is a spoiler (such as the mastermind) then don't be specific about it and don't use any pronouns that would suggest their gender. If you need to spoil anything, then put in parenthesis what chapter/part/episode/whatever it's revealed.

As for me, my favorite character is Chihiro Fujisaki.
(Spoilers for the end of Chapter 2)
I dunno why I liked him so much when I first saw him (since he didn't do much of anything at the beginning) but he was my favorite from the beginning. Then when I learned of his backstory, I just loved him even more :raritystarry:
(Spoilers for the beginning of Chapter 3)
Once I found out Chihiro was dead, I thought I'd never see him again. But then we learned about Alter Ego, who was definitely what sealed the deal and made Chihiro the best. I even got the Alter Ego app on my phone, heheh.
(Spoilers for very end of Chapter 5)
I was already depressed from learning about Sakura's suicide, and was a bit baffled when Monokuma announced the execution. Once I saw Alter Ego, I froze, broke down crying, and screamed at him for killing my favorite character a second time. I curled up on the ground and sobbed my eyes out, stabbing a picture of Monokuma with a pair of scissors because I was REALLY upset. I don't think I've ever cried that much. :fluttercry:
(Spoilers for the middle of Chapter 6)
Then there was Naegi's execution, where Alter Ego saved his life even after the computer got smashed to a pulp. Alter Ego is amazing.

(end all spoilers)
And there you have it, the reason why I love the adorable programmer :yay:

Kirigiri is badass. Although Nagei is the main character, she is definitely the self reliant "Heroine" who is capable of bringing the whole Despair Project to the ground with or without the others. Still, she relied on Naegi's help and trust in the last chapters to help bring the Mastermind down.

My favorite would have to be Mondo Oowada. His appearance says 'bad guy,' but his code of honor says 'good guy' and his flaws are entirely believable.

For me it has to be Celis or that multi personality girl hands down. Celis for her poker face personality and she is very cute. And the other for her insane personality switches.

1910337 Oh yeah, Genocider Syo is probably my other favorite. It completely flipped my opinion of Fukawa.

1910561 I didn't expect a serial killer to survive. I always thought Celis would make it but nope she fall to despair.

This conversation does not involve the esteemed byakuya togami!

2693104 You just made a reference to the Danganronpa Abridged Thing, didn't you?

3330054 Yes sorry that was a typo :twilightblush:

Genocider Syo. My second favorite is Togami.

1633252 I have a few favorites:
Hakakure, cuz we both act the same, as told by my friends
Genocider Syo, her laugh is fricken hilarious
Naegi, cuz I always like main characters
Alter Ego, cuz he helped save Naegi

1633252 My favorite Danganronpa character is Mukuro Ikusaba.

Hey everyone! :)

My favorite Danganronpa character is Chihiro Fujisaki as well! Hmm, I don't really know how to explain why; my favorite character in MLP is Fluttershy so there's a kind of pattern with my liking/falling in love with kind, shy characters. Plus, Chihiro is just totally adorable <3

On the flip side, my favorite SDR2 character is probably Nagito Komaeda. I honestly could not tell you why. I haven't finished SDR2 yet (I'm on the chapter 3 trial) so don't spoil, but if he dies (I think he might) I'll be pretty upset/heartbroken. Actually, that doesn't even begin to cover it. If you follow my pattern, though, I also really like Tsumiki. Then there's Souda--and Ibuki. Okay, so I can't decide; Komaeda's definitely at the very top, though.

The only character I really dislike is Togami, only because of how arrogant and unkind he is. As you can see, kindness and love are kind of what I value most, and if a character is unkind I'm going to try and give them the benefit of the doubt in case there's something more to them, but I will definitely not like them right away.

Thanks everyone; I hope to make friends with some of you awesome people!

3353967 You know I've always wondered, how come all of the fans love Komaeda, yet none of the characters do?

I've read the story online, since i can't purchase the game anywhere, and i still don't get it. The guy is obsessed with hope, wanted to start murders, and a real sociopath. So why do fans, including myself, like him? :rainbowhuh:

cuz he's a hot psycho with fangirl BDSM fanservice?
lol, but he has a really compelling and complicated character as well. There's an essay online dissecting his character (with spoilers for the whole game, so be careful) that you can read here if you're interested.
Besides, he has dementia and a couple other terminal illnesses and would be lucky to live to be twenty. His parents are dead and nobody likes him. I guess the pity factor is kinda there, too?
Nah I'm sticking to the hot thing.
(also late reply is late wow)

3408756 I hate Komaeda. Well maybe not hate, but I don't like him much.
This creeped me out.

As for my favorite, I'd have to be a loser and say Naegi. For a guy with no set skills, he was the one kept everyone together and calm during trials. And he was pretty smart in his own right.

3564932 While i do like Naegi, i felt like he sort looked too much like a little kid. His hair, his face, and his voice sounded a little too young for a high schooler in my opinion. But all in all, i still liked Naegi's character.

3565567 I liked that about him. It made the fact that he was optimistic make much more sense. Even though he wasn't that optimistic and just said he was every once in a while. And it made him seem innocent. And he forgave pretty much anyone who killed.
He was pretty much the nice guy of the group.

3565611 For some reason, he reminded me of Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

3565714 It's the hair. And saying something related to friendship every five seconds.

3565859 Yeah, that's it. Even though the game is rated M and the KH franchise is rated T i think.

3353967 Which Togami are you referring to? The Byakuya from the first game, or Twogami?

3565865 Actually, I think that they had Sora's English voice actor do the English voice for Naegi.

I'm a fan of Ibuki Mioda, Gundam Tanaka and Nidai.

(I didn't draw a pic of Nidai for this lol)
I just prefer the cast of DR2 over the original, dunno why. Maybe because I find the characters way more overblown to the point that its comical and awesome.

Aha, well I was referring to the original Togami. I'm in the middle of Ch4 of SDR2 now--not much further than I was when I wrote this, I'm afraid. But I've seen enough spoilers to know the thing about Spoilers:Twogami being an impersonator.

3605993 Okay. So, aside from Byakuya Togami, who did you not like as much as the other characters in Danganronpa?

My personal Favorite is Junko Enoshima (as you can already tell from my Avatar)

My favorite Dangan Ronpa 1 character is Mondo, and my favorite SDR2 character is Akane.


My 2 favourites from Danganronpa would be Leon and Mondo (WHY DO THEY BOTH HAVE TO DIIIIEEEE!!!! *Crying noises*)

In SDR2 they would be Gundham and Souda Gundham is Bae....WHY'D HE HAVE TO DIIIIEEEEE!!!!! *indescribable crying noises* Souda is adorable though.... A cute scardy cat at heart! I thank the lord he doesn't die.....wait, does he? I haven't finished SDR2 yet...

1633252 Hm... I have two.

I really like Ishimaru. He's adorkable imo, and he's clueless about nearly anything "normal". He's working real hard to get where he wants to be, and Na-egg-i supports him in this senario after Browada dies. Speaking of Mondo Browada...

He's literally a cute cinnamon roll. Hell, he even says his mom would kill him if he hit Sakura, even if she wasn't there. His honor code is really nice for his character. It's like he's a mothafuckin gangster but would hit a bitch, (guys of course, I wouldn't want to see his mom be mad) for cotton candy, doesn't listen to anybody but secretly desperately seeks approval, and has no real bros like Ishimaru until like, a few days before death. And he's on a ten-game losing streak. I'd say yes......

But for SDR2, Gundham and Peko.

5398540 I figured you were a peko person, as for me, well my faves both die in the same trial so guess i can't really say much now can I?

5427507 Well, my other favs die in the same chapter.

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