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This group is for organizing IRL meet ups for fanfiction authors/readers. Whether you've been slaving away on your magnum opus door-stopper for months, writing the occasional short story, or just a brony who reads a lot, all who have an appreciation for the art of literature are welcome.

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The regular submit one.

I've retired for the time being to deal with family and work, but I'll mention it. What address did you contact?

You're an Equestria Daily pre-reader, right? Maybe you can get Seth the plug the group in the round up. I never got a reply to the email I sent.

I posted here.

I mean, uh, I'm in North-East Florida. Can do a meetup anywhere in driving distance, which varies depending on day/date of meetup.


I'm too far away to be reached by any of you bronies. I'm safe, for now.

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