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Darth Vader
Group Admin

Congrats to -Bane- or Bane. For actually holding an entire city hostage for the Empire. We would like the NLR to realize we are rising. And we will strike.
Other items of note: We are still at war, Bane has destroyed a spec ops force of NLR, we have destroyed the NLR capital. Luna has escaped but met Bane, and Bane dealt with her.


That is all. Equestria is ours.



party time party time

Group Admin


Allow me to make myself clear.
The decepticons will be the ones to kill Luna and crush her remaining rebellion.
If this bane has hurt her any more than necessary, I will kill him myself.
Also...don't forget the aid of the Decepticon empire in the capture of Luna and the destruction of her capitol.
Don't fuck with me, Vader.
Lord Megatron out.

Boba Fett
Group Admin

We'll help. Don't worry, Bane has Luna still. He pretended to kill her so that the NLR loses hope.
In fact *Gives you Luna who's in a block of carbonite*
Unfreeze her.

I'm going to have fun torturing this one.....

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