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Darth Vader
Group Admin

Execute Order 77
Order 77: Destroy all the NLR forces
Official Statement:

The NLR has threatened our Empire with war. We will return with swift judgment, Execute Order 77 and wipe them away. Any Collaborators with the NLR will meet the same fate. In order to keep our security, we will be annexing the Solar Empire into our empire. For a safe and secure empire.
We will also be in an all out war. So the security code will be at black at all times. All forces be ready, and also a admin in the opposing group named Johnny Gat has been interfering. Johhny will harass you, so ignore him, as we must bring justice to the NLR. Kill them all even the colts, and foals. I want no rebels alive. Show no mercy, blow the NLR capital up. And if we must kill Luna. We are in a full blown war. I will be deploying the Military there, to defend the Empire. Be prepared for any attacks on us. Get ready for war. Hold your families close, and pray. For we will return victorious. We are an Empire that will last for 10,000 years!

There official war statement
Attack now! Commence Operation No Mercy.

Darth Vengance is at your service, Master.

That is all. Equestria is our.


1859904 Speaking of Empire at War, do you have the game?

Yes! That game is awesome.

Soundwave, i wish to address my empire.
Loyal deceticons, your Lord and Master speaks.
Our close friends and allies the sith have issued order 77.
All new lunar republic forces must be captured if possible, and executed otherwise.
All captured will be delivered to Kaon for questioning, use in the arena or delivery to Courousant for the sith's further use.
Any decepticon found to be ading, abetting, harbouring or financing the NLR will be found guilty as being an enmeny of the imperial council and treated as an enemy of the state.
Fret not decepticons, Princess Luna will be executed, we will crush The NLR, we will trimuph!
I encourage every able mech and femme, take up arms against the lunar terroists! Don't let them threaten you any longer! What are you, Decepticon....or Traitor.
Emperor Megatron over and out.

Semper Fidelis
Group Admin

Yes sir!

*Looks back to the Marines in the Forward Operations Base behind him*

YOU HEARD THE MAN! Move like you f:flutterrage:ing mean it Marines! We are at Defcon: One! Code: Black, I repeat we are Code: Black. All personnel prepare for battle!

*Marines left and right begin hustling everywhere,reading aircraft for dust-off, Loading amunition into attack vehicles, and troops begin to prep for war *

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