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I made a little chart showing how many stories each character had about them. This is accurate as of 2014-03-05, 5:46 PST, so if anyone adds a story after that, I'll have to update it, don't yell at me. Anyways, I was interested, so maybe other people would be. You can find it here.

Ouch, both of mine lumped into the 'Other' category.


Hmm... Blueblood is other?

Did I write the only blueblood story?

2996846 Yep, you were the only Blueblood author

I wasn't exsecpting so many Silver Spoon stories.

2996823 Lightning Dusk should be Lightning Dust. :twilightoops:

2996823 Neat.

I see people are really invested into this contest. Any particular reason why aside from that innate desire all humans have for competition?

The innate desire for cool stuff. And fame, fame is good.

2997125 I entered to try something different... And to try and improve my writing skills.

Hopefully my story does ok :twilightsmile:

2997125 Well for me it's the only contest I've ever seen where I can write fanfiction and still get it actually published in an actual physical way that I can actually hold in my hands. (And which other people will actually read.) So it has a lot of appeal.


I also wrote the only Dr. Caballeron and Timberwolf story too!

I didn't expect so many Sombra stories... I've read at least three of them (including my own). I had thought Chrysalis would have been much higher on the totem pole.

Presuming that this is very accurate, in my very first contest, Trixie is the only one in the spot I expected her. :moustache:


As someone else stated, if you win first place, your whole story not only gets published and professional fan art, you can totally hold it in your own hands and brag to all your brony (or non-brony) friends/family/anyone who can comprehend about your literary accomplishment!

The other stuff about 1st place is cool too, but I think the epeen is where it's at. 2nd and 3rd are not bad as you still get your story out there.


Especially if the judges give some feedback about the stories they read, for sure this can also be used as an improvement outlet.

2997878 every story gets a review... That's what excited me the most! I would love feedback from judges!

If you read my story let me know :raritywink: it's a Sombra one

2996961 My bad, just changed it, thanks for letting me know.

2997125 Well, I wasn't really planning on entering, I was just thinking about it. But then one day, during my Modern Physics class, I was looking out the window and a great idea for an opening occurred to me, so I started writing. As for the chart, I was looking at the stories and noticed that Sunset Shimmer (who I wrote about) only had two other stories about her, so I started wondering how many stories everyone else had about them.

Good luck everyone!

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2996823 Very cool Cobalt Phoenix! That is a very interesting breakdown.

We've finished adding all the remaining FIMFiction stories to the group folder. One of our judges has also gone through the 9 Google Doc entries and their character statistics are as follows:

Sombra: 3
Queen Chrysalis: 2
Discord: 1
Trixie: 1
Changlings: 1
Gilda: 1

Okay, I just finished updating the chart.

2996961 I don't know, suddenly the idea for a Lightning x Dusk story sounds kinda nice.

3005682 I can see that happening...

My Gillian choice was garble :)

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May we use your chart in promotions, if we include your name and fimfiction account of course.

3007698 Certainly, I don't mind at all. It's not like it's at all difficult to replicate, anyone could have done it.

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2996823 The vampire fic was about Chrysalis If you would be so kind as to update it.

Just updated to include the Google Docs entries (Except for "Fireworks for a Princess", which was already submitted via FimFiction). Looks like Sombra has taken the top spot from Trixie. I guess people wish he had had more character development during the Season 3 opener.

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