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Flash Sentry Fans Discord link
by SilverKaizoku on the 3rd of March
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3rd of Mar at 2:09 am
Cool Video
by Unanimous123 on the 23rd of February
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23rd of Feb at 7:59 pm
FlashLight Offspring!
by Alphamon_Ouryuken on the 11th of March
6 by Magi Tail Welkin
10th of Feb at 5:05 pm
Spoilers! again!
by King Mezentio of Algarve on the 25th of January
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25th of Jan at 9:24 pm
Question Regarding Content
by EchoWing on the 19th of January
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19th of Jan at 6:59 pm
Skype/Discord group promotion
by SilverKaizoku on the 29th of October
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29th of Oct at 1:31 am
Story idea up for grabs: Spying Shining & the Daunting Double Date
by Alphamon_Ouryuken on the 1st of October
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2nd of Oct at 2:46 am
New Flashlight Group
by Alphamon_Ouryuken on the 17th of September
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17th of Sep at 3:16 pm
More Navigational Folders...?
by Alphamon_Ouryuken on the 3rd of September
2 by Abigail Fetch Walker
4th of Sep at 2:55 am
Story idea up for grabs: Spying Shining & the Daunting Double Date
by Alphamon_Ouryuken on the 28th of August
7 by MegaBrony95
3rd of Sep at 8:22 pm
New EG 4 teaser...(new ship)
by Henry101 on the 8th of August
39 by Riddleja
12th of Aug at 6:12 am
Flash Sentry Fans now on Discord.
by SilverKaizoku on the 25th of July
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25th of Jul at 12:15 am
Info about the new EG movie (Spoilers)
by Henry101 on the 8th of July
38 by Amethyst_Dawn
15th of Jul at 12:30 am
What the HELL is a Waifu!?
by Twilight is the BEST on the 30th of April
19 by Fervidor
6th of Jun at 10:09 pm
Story idea up for grabs: Equestrian Acceleration
by Alphamon_Ouryuken on the 4th of May
2 by Mr Legoman
4th of May at 1:23 pm
Human Twilight and Human Flash
by Eddy13 on the 24th of February
13 by EchoWing
25th of Feb at 2:56 am
What is your head canon of how these two came to be?
by Darth Redbeard on the 9th of June
8 by Eddy13
24th of Feb at 6:38 am
Pony and the Human
by SShimmerFan2 on the 31st of October
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31st of Oct at 9:06 pm
Flash Related things
by SilverKaizoku on the 24th of July
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25th of Jul at 4:40 am
FlashLight and SoarinDash in ONE!
by CP_BEN on the 11th of April
49 by Rxdiaz7
18th of Jun at 11:17 pm
A new Flashlight Group?
by hghmpegasister on the 8th of February
13 by CP_BEN
9th of Apr at 4:24 am
News Straight From BABScon
by Killjoy_Writer on the 7th of April
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7th of Apr at 3:07 am
Flash and Spike
by SilverKaizoku on the 26th of March
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26th of Mar at 2:38 pm
The true potential of Flash Sentry
by SilverKaizoku on the 9th of March
10 by SilverKaizoku
12th of Mar at 4:16 am
Wanted: test reader for disaster story involving Flashlight
by Locomotion on the 12th of February
11 by SapphireWings999
20th of Feb at 1:15 am