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This is a dragoness group dedicated to the famous black dragon! In this group please include stories with only the black dragon.

Now once every week I will review the stories and pick a grand prize winner! The winner will be Pm'ed and will have their story put in the Grand Winners Folder and have a link put up on this page so everyone can see it.

Here are a few places to show you around the group:
Want some help on your story? Then click Additional Help to share and get advice!
Bragging can be fun, so if you want to brag then click I Get To Brag and brag away!
Do you just want to say something random? Go to Off Topic and type randomly.
And finally, if you need help thinking of ideas or you want to nurse an idea the go to Need Ideas.

Now I need to clarify that the reason that there is a Spyro and Cynder folder is because if there is a really great Spyro and Cynder story you REALLY want to add, that's why it's there.If you want to put it there you have to have at least 100 likes and PM me before you add it.

Other than that enjoy my 3rd group!

If you want to check out my other 2 groups, please click All about Alicorns or The Spyro and Cynder dragon group!

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