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Hey bronies and pegasistas, this is a small list of different links to some awesome pony stuff you can use like everyday, if you get so bored.

Our own lovely site, if you are a guest, join up to write stories, make groups and have fun (:

Equestria Daily
Equestria Daily is an awesome new site that has been running since 2011, the first episode. With updates everyday and hundreds of fun pages to read, news, music, stories, comics and fanart, you will never be bored. Always updated with the latest news and fun, you can scroll for hours and be entertained.

Bronyland is a very small version of Equestria Daily with lots of interesting features and more. This is also where you can find the (pretty) famous personality quiz with a lot of fun with avatars, merchandise, fanart, fanfics and a lot more.

My Little Pony | Friendship is Magic
The official MLP website, although concentrated for younger crowds, it has the latest toys for you collectors and some fun activities and videos for you guys to watch.

MLP Wallpaper Compilation
If you scroll down to the near bottom, and up the top, you can click on endless amounts of beautiful MLP wallpapers for your computer screen, or desktop covers. They are amazing and many can be found with a simple click.

What MLP Character Are You?
I know there are hundreds of these, but this one is the absolute BEST. With twenty five options and detailed descriptions, there are lots to choose from and many to suit your taste.

Friendship is Witchcraft
If you haven't heard of this, FiW is a totally awesome parody of the original show with lots of funny puns and a hilarious on-going plotline throughout the show. It is hilarious and totally worth watching for a giggle.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki
This is the official MLP wiki for you guys to explore. So many interesting articles and information at your fingertips you can jump right in and become a member.

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