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Hi everyone if you are new to the is site and you want to make a stories then join this group where I'll be answering any question you've got. Feel free to ask.

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Hello everyone, I'm totally new to the whole publishing thing. I can't seem to figure out the formatting. What I put in the editor is correct but when I publish it it goes all screwy. Could anyone offer some advice?

I am not a confident writer at all (As is my reluctance to write stories cause of the lacking thereof) and I am currently writing something. I was hoping at sometime that someone could look at what I wrote (probably in a few days time will the story be posted)

God that came out so bad. If anyone thought to themselves "that's what she said" then No. No cookie for you.

Comment posted by maniactaxi deleted Nov 20th, 2013

Haha so I don't know if this group is still active, but I did post a story I did in one of the folders just now. It's a one-shotter and the first story I've done so far that's not a clop fic :twilightblush: I hope some ponies can look at it and give me feedback :twilightsmile:

Glad to join the group. I've only written two chapters of a story so far though, and it is a clopfic, so they might not be for some people. Nevertheless, I'm glad to be here :pinkiehappy:

315139 So...I actually am reading even "M" stories, this started when I just wrote this

(Date posted 8/10/2013)

Figured I would join and help your group out.

Comment posted by KingPrisman1995 deleted Aug 3rd, 2013

315276 Yeah, I know what you mean I never wrote stories, until now however my stories are not that popular.

315189 Well the stories look good to read on that website, but here its like big leagues, you know what I mean?

315137 Why was in a stretch anyway?

315140 I see......not unusual or anything, have a few brony friends who disapprove as well.

315139 Really M are the only stories that I don't like M and true romances are the two that I don't like.

315138 What categorical stories do you prefer, all under "M" I can most positively tell

315137 Oh, that's fine I'm sure they were great.

315134 Eh, its a stretch anyway, but I have had ideas on the teen category, I never got to them though:unsuresweetie:

315133 No, you see I don't read M rated stories you never know what to expect, sorry. :twilightblush:

315126 What do you think if you've seen anything? I'd read "My Love for Only One" first, just a heads up

Comment posted by Gear Switch deleted Jun 18th, 2013
Comment posted by Gear Switch deleted Jun 18th, 2013
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