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From Exuno:


In which Rainbow Dash gets in some number of minor quarrels (or "spats"), learns several new words, and gets hit in the face. Also somepony catches on fire, a train never seems to reach its destination, and Fluttershy is largely unaffected by the night's proceedings.

Features RD/PP/FS, R/AJ, and TS/Colgate, so turn back if you find any of that anathematic. Acknowledges that mutually consenting adults in committed romantic relationships may sometimes have sex with one another, but nothing graphic.

Unabashed character-driven witty banter comedy featuring cute ponies in abnormal yet healthy romantic relationships!

It is the perfect story.

Sharp Spark
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This is not necessarily my favorite story by VioletCLM, but Uptown Mares is probably doomed to be unfinished. And it is, in many ways, a long collection of jokes held together by a wisp of a plot and some unique characterizations.

That being said, I think they happen to be particularly good jokes, in a delightful package. I'm also afraid that thus far our criteria for 'great stories' has really been on whether something punches you in the gut with sad or dark. After all, what is a 'great' comedy if not a story that makes you smile throughout? Even with a few lines that didn't quite land as well for me, overall I find the story to be effortlessly charming, and thus:

Thumbs up

A 'Great' comedy is apparently 'Whom The Princesses Would Destroy' :V

That said, Spatterdashery is my favorite story on this site, I think? Which by elimination, makes it my favorite story ever. Huh. It's really nothing too special, though? It's a bunch of silly jokes and wordplay and characters being cute. I could think of a number of other stories that I think have more -merit-, but the thing is that I'm tempted to put all of those on a pedestal of some sort. They stop being -stories- and instead become, like, -Art-. And that's dumb and unhealthy and detracts from the enjoyment of the medium and craft.

So, in that sense, Spatterdashery is a nomination of principle. It's a nice bunch of words that makes me smile and that's about all it is, and a lot of the time that's all I want. And I think that giving some recognition to that is important!

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