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Folks, it was a really tight one this time, but we finally have the results from our vaunted nominees, and we can talk about who placed and who fell just short of the finish line!

First up: Our nominees!

Thus Dwell In Joy, a dark tale told by a god.
The Sun Princess, a sweet tale lived by a dog.
Imaginary, a sad tale of a little girl.
Whom The Princesses Would Destroy . . . , a tale of cogs in a machine.
The Marionetter, a tale of puppeteer's strings.

Boy, this was a thing and a half. And then another third on top of that. Just wham-wham-wham. It was tight, and the nominees all fought bravely in the octagon while juggling their internal organs, but in the end only some can move into the Greats folder.

Our WINNERS this cycle are . . .

With five up out of five cast votes, Sun Princess takes a unanimous upvote! Congratulations to Skywriter on their second story to enter the Greats folder as a unanimous upvote! (They also wrote the first unanimous upvote Derplicity.)

With three votes up of four cast, Whom The Princesses Would Destroy . . . ! Congratulations to GhostOfHeraclitus!

As always, we salute all our nominees and congratulate those who passed. We only nominate if it's great!

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