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From Kapuchu:


Life is full of challenges.

Pinkie Pie knows that, and will always try to help her friends smile no matter the circumstances. But when Pinkie's newest friend Sarah, a little girl from a strange new world, is faced with more challenges than anyone so young should ever have to handle, Pinkie begins to wonder if she really can keep the smiles coming.

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I wrote a review of this that was less than complimentary. Because we're the nicest world-dominating secret cabal in all of existence, however, I will confine myself to noting that it's not a very well done sadfic, and give it a thumbs down.

This was a really successful sadfic. It triggered exactly the emotions it wanted to. I can't fault it for that.

I can fault it for not being much more than that. I would describe this as "a sad story where sad things happen, told from an odd perspective." But that odd perspective and those sad things don't tell us anything more. Pinkie Pie makes a good perspective because it's easy to empathize with her, but I can't tell what her role is in the story or how she (and therefore we) end up changed by the events. Is the message that "Belief is more important than the truth"? That "It only takes a little to be a positive impact on someone's life"? "Tragedy happens, but we go on despite it"? All of those are briefly touched on, but none are built by the narrative, so I don't know.

Perhaps it's just unlucky that it's indirectly compared to another sad story as told from an odd perspective here.

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