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From Drizzle Quill:

Sun Princess

In the final days of her life, an exceptionally faithful student muses on the subject of her perfect and immortal mentor Applejack.

Pearple Prose
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A beautifully sad story. It utilises the unique viewpoint to great effect. I love the way it doesn't just pile on sad things until it the feels become cloying and lose impact, like many other fics do.

Not much more to say really. A provocative one-shot that says all it needs to in 1000 words, and doesn't overstay its welcome. Upvote from me.

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Yes. This. This is how you do a goddamn sadfic.

But that’s honestly underselling this story for a couple reasons. First, it is just so well-developed. The story is told from more or less Winona’s view, and the narration is always perfect for that perspective. The actual premise of the story is set up subtly, and given the shortness of the story, the pacing is surprisingly solid. The ending is heartbreakingly beautiful. Even if you only look at it at face value, it’s a wonderful story.

But it manages to go above and beyond that by serving as a sort of analogy for the relationship between Twilight and Celestia. The symbolism is obvious, but never obtrusive, and it manages to function superbly on both levels.

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Skywriter has a wonderful habit of getting across so much in so few words. (See: Derplicity)

It's hard to write about death in a way that isn't maudlin, overly-sentimental or weepy. This hits a magical balance of all three.

I would note that if the story has a weakness, it's that it's not necessarily a pony story. Yes, it takes place in Equestria, but it could really be any faithful dog's POV.

Of course, that doesn't change the fact that it's practically flawless, and brings the feels without being heavy handed. It made me feel sad but also appreciative for the circle of life (cue Disney).

The test is simple. Is this a great story? Yes.

Sharp Spark
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As much as this story seems very non-pony, symbolic elements aside, it's still really friggin great.

Though. You know... I don't even really see this as sad, perhaps because I'm jaded by 'sad' corresponding to more manipulative invocation of unfairness or tragedy. It's certainly moving, and stirs up emotions, but it's got such a sense of... peace about it, too, as it celebrates life lived, not lost.

I read those last lines with full sincerity. It's not a cynical wink to the reader. They're absolutely true, in the ways that actually matter.

-thumbs up-

If I actually had a vote, this would get approval from me.

It works really well, for a number of reasons. On it's most basic level, the events it depict are likely to be much more relatable than something we'd logically consider more tragic, and that makes it hit a lot harder.

It's not just about the sad, though. Through the use of a metaphor that would be heavyhanded in any other context, it draws upon another basic point of knowledge to make a statement greater than itself. Not one about AJ or Winona, or Twilight or Celestia, but about Time. A statement that's reliant on our knowledge of all of those, but actually comes from the interstice of them. It doesn't really matter how long forever is. What is true is that something will be there after us, and that's close enough. I personally consider that a very inspiring and optimistic idea.

Or, at least, that's what I get out of it. Having looked through the discussion when it was published, many people took different things from it, and I think that in itself can be a sign of greatness.

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I am so glad I don't have to read this. I deal badly with loss of pets.

I abstain.

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Whimp :derpytongue2: You know how I am with sadfics and I still read it :rainbowwild:

That aside. As Sharp Spark said, I wouldn't really consider this a sadfic. Sure, it's sad in its own right, deals with death, disappointment and the fear of leaving others behind when you want to do more(Is that even a thing?)

I will admit, I'm somewhat hesitant to just give this a thumps up just like that. I usually judge a sadfic's quality by its ability to leave an impression on me. If it manages to keep me depressed for hours (in one case two days.) after I read it, then I view it as absolutely amazing. Some would claim that a lot of sadfics are manipulative, but then again; aren't all? The point of a sadfic is the manipulate the reader into feeling emotions. That is the point of every story. If you cannot manipulate the reader into feeling something then you have utterly failed.

I think... This story is so subtle about it, and twists it around just so, to make it bittersweet than "normal sad." It's not easy to do, so.

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