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Okay, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, octopussoirs and penisquids: It's time for Nominations!

Remember: Nominate if it's great! One per person, no matter who you are and how much you bribed me.

Welcome our new C.H.U.M.P.s, as well: Spacecommie, Pearple Prose, and Sharp Spark.

The nominee selection process is first-come, first-serve, with the following exceptions.

If we're at 50k words or above already, we will only take short fics (as small as possible) after that point.
If we're at four stories and at or above 50k, we are done selecting.
If we're at six stories, whether we're at 50k or not, we are done selecting.

This ensures we get as close to 50k as possible without going far over, and that we have at least four stories and at most six to vote on.

THIS VOTING PERIOD WILL ONLY BE ONE WEEK. This is another test. Longer voting periods weren't producing more voting, and the last week-long cycle produced good results in short order. :pinkiehappy: We're always adapting here at your friendly global world-dominating Great Story Cabal!

The Marionetter

way over 50k :fluttershyouch:

hope that will not be too big a problem


Sun Princess, by Skywriter, is just over one thousand words long and is a touching story that most everyone that's felt the company of a pet can sympathize with and enjoy. Masterfully written in an innocent, heartbreaking way, I believe this story most certainly deserves to be nominated.

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Time to torture Cola with my HUMAN STORY!

"Imaginary" is one of the saddest but also most beautiful stories I've ever read. The writing is good, the environment easy to envision and what is happening is easily seen in the mind's eye.

Not a lot happens in the story, but it still manages to convey a lot of things. That even the strongest and happiest is vulnerable to sadness. One of the most powerful things in this story, I think, is also how it shows the cruelty of some humans; Dismissing something as "imaginary" and refusing to believe in the truth of the words spoken to them.

I can't say much more without spoiling it, but it is a fantastic story that has a human in it. Also, it's PoE, not HiE.

Pearple Prose
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Pretty sure submitting your own stories is a big no-no. Especially when that story leaves hardly any space left for other stories. :applejackunsure:


Anyway, my nomination:

Thus Dwell in Joy by the parasprite.

An excellent look into the nature of Discord's existence. One of the very few fics that manages to pull off existential mindfuckery, eldritch beings, and the anti-logic of the time before time in a way that doesn't come across as pretentious or just silly.

iz gud, shud reed

2144286 I did ask in advance and they said it was not an issue. i don't have legions of followers you see to do this. :ajsleepy: so some one has to do it!:pinkiehappy:

Pearple Prose
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Oh, really? Fair enough then, I suppose.

2144915 I am always sure to double check ha ha. your vigilance is appreciated!:twilight smile:

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