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1. Any Cabal member who has been through the C.H.U.M.P. may nominate one possible new Cabal member at any time.
2. The nominated party has voting rights on stories just as current Cabal members for a probationary period of two months (or very close to it).
3. After the two-month Hazing period, if there are no objections, that nominated party becomes a Cabal member in good standing. If there are any objections, a vote is taken; if a 3/4ths majority of current Cabal members agree that the C.H.U.M.P. is generally aligned with the Cabal as a whole, the C.H.U.M.P. will still become a Cabal member.
4. After a nomination, a current Cabal member must wait four months to nominate a new C.H.U.M.P.

Net result, only three new possible members can be nominated by a Cabal member per year. The worst case scenario is that we get someone who doesn't understand they're causing problems and then we only have to deal with that for two months at most.

And so it is law, at least until I change my mind again.

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Two questions:

1) I assume that we have been 'through' chump by the mere fact we are cabal members?
Grandfathered in, so to speak?

2) does fourmonths seem long to anyone else? We haven't even been around for 3 months.

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I agree here, I think four months seems to be a bit too long. I'd say A month max, perhaps. That gives them quite a bit of time.

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1: Yes. The CHUMP is meant to approximate parts of the process I went through mentally to select initial Cabal members. First, I noticed them (that'd be nomination, since one of us would have to notice them first). Then, for a while, I examined interactions I had with them, mostly looking for "are they being jerks about shit regularly". (That'd be the probationary period.)

2. All right, let's go with something shorter. My issue is that I don't want a rapid-fire influx of admins (just imagine! fifty admins added within a year! The possibilities for something to go wrong boggle the mind!) so I'm probably going to say we should keep at least three months between nominations even if the period's shorter.

How about two months probationary, four months between nominations?

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