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(Boring Real Life Talk: This is a thread for the admins to say things about themselves, if they want. We're the Cabal. I should have clarified this, and I'm sorry I didn't.)

Our shadowy Cabal members can introduce themselves to the rest of the group here, if you'd like. (Of course, since this thread is locked into Double-Super-Ultraviolet-Secret, you can use your screennames here. None of the peons we secretly control will ever know!)

I'll start. (This is optional. Feel free to say nothing about yourself if you'd prefer.)

I'm Cola_Bubble_Gum. I write things. I'm not going to claim I'm an expert on Writing As Art, but I know what I like, and I know what grips me. I've been writing for around two decades now, privately, and I'll probably never make a serious attempt at getting Published On Paper.

My home is a treehouse I built as an experiment in animal behavior; I wanted to see if a human-sized mammal could build and live in a gigantic bird nest. I have found out that yes, they can, but they will be consistently hounded by mental health professionals and concerned family members.

I have Jam on a constant loop in my brain, to make sure I am grateful for the infinite knowledge my All-Holy Speckled Potion has granted me. Turtles.

In my spare time, I kill squirrels. I'm a squirrel assassin.

It's a living.

Comment posted by Prince_Staghorn deleted Jun 19th, 2013

I am the Illusive Badgerpony. This information was obvious.

I adore doing artistic stuff of all kinds. Writing, art, music... I dabble in all of it to the degree that I can claim... Competency, if not skill, in all of it. While my drawings mostly pertain to pencil lineart and the like, I like to think that my writing is a bit more varied. I go out of my way to ensure that every experience I write is different from the previous one to at least a small degree. Even within fics, I like to occasionally change up the style just to fuck with people spread my wings.

I've been doing all this artistic dabbling longer than my memory can process. I dominated fingerpainting and other singular, artistic pursuits in kindergarten, and even before that. I'm a good old ornery seventeen-year-old now, so I can say I've been doing everything for almost twenty years.

Beyond ponies, I also like Transformers, video games, underground hip-hop, movies (especially obscure classics like Escanaba in da Moonlight and the Secret of Roan Inish), Irish stuff that isn't something painted green or with a Guinness sticker slapped onto it, longwinded, tangential ranting, unneccesary verbosity, tentacle pornography in any form, and bass guitar.

I live in Chicago, in a cozy home-alone suburban area that I absolutely abhore. I have been told by my teacher that Holden Caulfield would have hated my guts, which is good- I would have hated his too.

That's enough. Good day.

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I'm Scribble Script. I write a whole lot of OctaScratch, with a dash of LyraBon.

I have serious interest issues - Things will either interest me, or they won't. I rarely ever figure out why. I hate to be so black and white about it, but there it is.

Some stories that stuck in my head weren't written very well, while others that are considered by others to be amazing bored me.

Long story short, I'll probably be a tough sell.

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Einhander! The name implies an age old enough to have played the game when it first came out, which is true. Also true: I lived in Japan for 4-5 years as a child (my Dad worked for Disney) and I like to think it warped me the right way.

I got a degree in theater but my life has turned out differently, as I work in a very different field but use the same skills. My writing was also doing theater for a long time, but that went dormant a few years ago. I also wrote movie/theater reviews in high school and college, which has also gone dormant. Reading and writing about ponies has gotten me restarted for some reason. Not sure why, but I'm just following where it leads.
I have an epic-in-length-and-scope random romantic comedy that's up to part 4 (part 5 is at a pre reader) that is published and was briefly featured, and I'm two chapters into a yet-unpublished Appleloosa western with Trixie as the lead, along with some OC's.

A great story for me isn't defined in skill or logic alone, and especially not grammar, since I've got a mild form of dyslexia that causes me to omit words as I type and then mentally add them when I re-read (so I don't catch that they're missing.) it's some mad mix of character, emotion and tone that causes whatever you're reading to burrow into your head or heart, or make you laugh for days. And greatness to me is the moment it's over, no matter how intense, you'd read/watch it again.

For a cinematic point counterpoint on this, I saw No Country For Old Men once, and then never felt the need to see it again. I saw There Will Be Blood twice in two days in the theater. To me the first will always be good, skillfully done but leaving me hollow. The second involved me and intrigued me on every level.

Oh, if the length and over the top-ness of this post hasn't made it clear, I live in NYC.

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So.... Hi, I guess?

I'm Kapuchu, currently the newest Cabal member and still in the first days of my Hazing Period!

I'm a 20 year old guy from Denmark, and about to start my study to become a teacher in about a months time. I'm and avid reader and read most any genre, and have at least tried a few of the genres I don't read. My preferences are Romance, Adventure and Dark in no particular order.

I don't believe that a story's quality is based solely on grammar or a good plot. A story can have a simple plot such as trying to find a specific apple in Applejack's southern orchard, but still be good.
I believe that what truly makes a story great is to make it seem 'alive', so to speak. Make the characters appear life-like and give them soul. A story does not need to be long to be a master piece, it can be just a few thousand words and move you to the core, but it can also reach upwards of half a million words and blow you away by just how much effort is put into it.

A story is based not on the writing, but on the journey and quest the characters take on.

I also write myself and have managed to achieve moderate success. I write both for myself and for my readers.

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I'm Guy_Incognito.

I once had my hand stuck in a jar of pickles for an hour. I own Space Jam on VHS. I have the legal limit of cats, the alphabet of hepatitis and my favorite T.V. show is 'Holmes on Homes.'

...I also write stories or whatever.

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I'm SpaceCommie, a 17 year old American who's ended up writing ponyfic for God knows why. I've been most popular with a gritty noir action story, but my heart will always be with writing psychological drama. Or something. I like writing the feels, okay?

I also edit for a variety of wonderful people here on FIMFiction.

I want to have George Orwell's prose's babies.

Pearple Prose
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I am Pearple Prose, master of mediocrity. I write one-shots that I like to make a big fuss over despite their irrelevance to anything at all. Maybe someday I'll write something of worth. May God have mercy on our pitiful souls when that day comes.

Also I'm British. Cool, huh?

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