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Three things will happen in these threads, generally: Nominating, Voting, and Retiring.

Nominating is where you tell the rest of the Cabal how you think X story is awesome. It's done in a thread I create marked NOMINATION.

Voting is where The Great Story Cabal (a mysterious, arcane group of unknowns) either agree or disagree about the greatness of the story. It happens in threads marked VOTING.

Retiring is where The Great Story Cabal culls Great stories and sends them into heaven -- :twilightoops: uh, I mean, the Previous Greats folder. It's done in threads marked RETIRING.

Great stories are rare. Not Bombay blood rare, but rare enough. At most, there can only be one nomination from each Cabal member at a time. Each vote thread will take three weeks (unless all Cabal members vote before that time is up).


1. Cabal members will want to get thread notifications. Everyone else will only want story notifications.
2. Anyone can nominate. The only person who has to look at Nomination threads is me.
3. Cabal members will want to look at Voting and Retiring threads when they pop up in their feed. ONLY CABAL MEMBERS VOTE ON STORIES.


To nominate a story, post in the next (or current) Nominations thread.

Some stories come best with no prep, just like a nice kick to the face, or a strong rum and coke. Some stories need a little preamble about their greatness, like caviar or espresso. Your call. You think the story stands on its own? You can just drop the link. You can write a paragraph. You can write ten pages. (We won't all read it, but you can write it.)

We recommend between a sentence and a paragraph about why you think the story is great, but it's a guideline. Include a picture if you think it'll help. Make a fart sound and notify us that you did so.

TL;DR: All that's required for a nomination is the name and link for the story. You can add anything you want. You can nominate your own stories.

Remember: Nominate if it's great.


When a story's nominated, I'll create a thread with a title that looks like "Vote: Title", and that's your cue to look at that thread.

Authors may not vote for their own stories. (If you co-wrote it, you're one of the authors. If you edited it, obviously, you're not the author.)

When a nomination is made, there will be a vote.

Once all the votes are in (or a week has gone by since the vote thread was posted), votes are counted. Any Cabal member may vote, but nobody has to. Votes are thumbs up or thumbs down, based on whether you thought the story was great.

If a 2/3rds majority of votes received is reached, the story is approved. (So while you can abstain by simply not voting, it is not in the group's best interests.) Stories are never permanently eliminated. Never.


When we've got twenty in Main, then we'll have to retire one of our current Greats. I'll create a thread with a title that looks like "RETIRING: Title", and that's your cue to look at that thread.

When we need to retire one of our Great Stories, five will be selected at random from the current twenty. A retirement thread will be started, with the list of five. Each Cabal member picks one to be removed. Whichever story is most selected to be removed goes into the Previous Greats folder. (In case of a tie, the removed story is selected randomly from the tied top options.)

NOTE: These rules are part of the experiment. They are subject to change, assuming we talk about the rules and some of them aren't working out. I reserve the right to make more processes (perhaps some about voting on the rules in here) in the future. These rules are intended to be as simple as possible because I am not a rocket scientist. I know you guys 'n' girls are smart; I'm not, and I'm trying to make it an easily understood process. Not applicable to employees of Hasbro, Hardee's, or Hilton.

Group Admin


(Added notation about number of stories that can be nominated/in voting at any one time. Clarified a bunch of other things, like making explicit the fact that non-Cabal folks can nominate as well.)

who exactly is the group that determines the great stories?

Group Admin


The Thuper Thecret Almighty Cabal, of courthe! :twistnerd:

Am I endearingly annoying yet?

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