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Seein' as nothin' seems ta be happenin' here, ah think now ah'd like ta mention that ah've had a few ideas fer alternate sets mahself, besides the one ah'm already doin'. An' ah'll probably never get ta use 'em all. So, ah'd like ta take a moment ta offer 'em up here, in case anybody wants ta know.

One idea ah've had is a universe where Shining Armor got sent ta Ponyville, not Twilight. This's an even simpler idea than mah Manehattanverse, but ah think this, ah'll call it the Brotherverse, could lead to some interesting stories, prob'ly most of 'em adventure-oriented, travelin' ta different parts of Equestria.


I think I've seen something similar Brotherverse one.
I think it was Shining, Soarin, Thunderlane, Fancy Pants, Mac, and Mr. Cake, in the Cutie Mark Swapped scene.

I had a whole proposal written out for a Cadanceverse, but I put it on the side after I got my Discordian Republic idea.

The whole thing started off rather generically: Luna and Celestia turn evil and begin a Civil War. Cadance rallies the elements, based off of G1 ponies, and defeats them.
Cadance makes the elements nobles, and they rule Equestria.

Fastforward to present day:
Cadance's personal student is Lyra, who's best friends with Blueblood and Rainbow Dash.
Lyra was born to lesser nobility.
Blueblood is Cadance's...cousin. Because he has less pull with the government, he's more charming, polite, wellspoken and cheerful. he has his moments of jerkiness, but it's rare.
Rainbow Dash is the distant relative of Firefly, the original bearer of Honesty, and is being groomed to join the council.
Dash hates it and does everything she can to avoid it.

Lyra and Blueblood are eventually sent to Ponyville, Lyra so she can over see the preparations for some festival, and Blueblood to replace the retiring Mayor.
Dash hitches a ride with them, so she doesn't have to go to the Crystal Empire to meet her potential suitor.

There they meet the other three Elements: Struggling Baker Cup Cake, up and coming confectioner Bonbon, and the New Nurse Flitter.

Nightmare Moon and Corona escaped, blah blah blah, Elements of Harmony.

Another part of it was Luna and Celestia having to take the guise of ordinary ponies. a Unicorn in Luna's case and a pegasus in Celestia's case, and working alongside the common ponies, so that they could be rehabilitated, and to learn how much Equestria has changed.
and then Luna falls inlove with Mac, and Celestia falls in love with Soarin.

Probably won't ever do it, so if someone's interested, they can take it.

I'm liking the idea of a male universe instead of a mare universe.:pinkiehappy:

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I do love me the idea of a Colt 6, but I do have one request on the off chance anyone is seriously thinking about writing it...

Namely, that a certain colt OC that has been going around under-the-radar be included Into the fold.

His name is Golden Brisk, and yes, he really is a colt.

Here's an idea ah'm never gonna do but someone oughtta. Ah'll give ya two words:

The Smartyverse.


will the pets make up the rest of the elements?

That'd be up ta the writer, ah reckon. It's probably not the direction ah'd go, but it could work.

I've had a few ideas of my own;

THE CHAMPIONS-VERSE: Inspired by a short from the MLP Time Loops, this world diverges from normal when the young nation of Equestria gains the patronage of, not Celestia and Luna, but the Ascended, time-displaced Mane Six. Under the rulership of three times as many Alicorns than there were in the Heart-Timeline( and the complete absence of Discord and Sombra) results in a much lager, more multi-species of Equestria. When a bit of well-intentioned madness results in a Nightmare Moon level threat, only the Hexarchs'students can save this world from tyranny.
Elements would be:
•Prince Sombra: Unicorn, Student of Princess Twilight, Champion of Magic. Studious, obssesed with living up to his ideal of what a good noble should be, views Twilight as a mother figure.
•Crysalis: Changeling of the "Noble" variety, Student of Princess Fluttershy, Champion of Kindness. Good singer, good with animals, bombastic, responds badly to insults.(Relationship with Sombra?)
•Discord: Teenage Dragon, Student of Princess Pinkie, Champion of Laughter. Young, insecure, light-hearted prankster. Pinkie-esque shenanigans.
•Cadance: Earth Pony, Student of Princess Rarity, Champion of Loyalty. Social Butterfly, great with kids, blind to the flaws of people she loves.
• Celestia: Unicorn, Student of Princess Applejack, Champion of Honesty. Still a bit regal, though more of a trickster. Often unwilling to share her burdens.
•Luna: Pegasus, Student of Princess Rainbow, Champion of Generosity. Gives of herself constantly, sarcastic, often feels under-appreciated.

THE FOAL-VERSE: This is the one of the ones I've figured out the least of. It is, as the name suggests, a world where the Elements of Harmony are born by foals. The idea is our "Twilight" is Dinky (W)Hooves, who doesn't have any friends. Understandable considering her family is constantly moving, and even more so considering her father is an alien adventurer who travels through time/space and she's been dozens of species in the 10 years she's been alive. So when her mom and dad say they're settling down in Derpy's hometown/world/timeline, she doesn't think she need bother. But when Nightmare Moon returns, and takes most of the town's adults, she's forced to lead a group of other foals to save them. Unsure of who the other Elements should be.

DISCORD-VERSE: AHH! After 10 a Thousand years, Discord's Free! It's time to CONQUER! EARTH!EQUESTRIA! Except there's been a bit of a problem, that is, a quirk in his bindings has left him a pony. A unicorn, sure, but nothing like his real power! Also, Nightmare Moon's running around with the whole "Eternal Night" thing, and there's room for only one tyrant here. So, Discord comes upon a plan; He'll find those "Elements of Harmony" Doohickeys and use them to banish Luna and restore his form. Along the way, he acquires a few traveling companions, and maybe reluctantly learn what Friendship is. I'm also unsure about the other Elements for this one, though I'm thinking antagonists who would struggle with the Elements they embody(Queen Chrysalis and Honesty, for example).

I'm not sure how much space I have left, so I'm going to post the last one in the next post.

THE APPALOOSA-VERSE: The variations inherent to this world includes some magi-technological advances(The East is practically a steampunk paradise, and guns of the sort seen in Westerns are always a possibility), the fact the verse is roughly 10 years behind canon, the fact Twilight was born and raised in Ponyville, and the Rattler. Long ago, a pony sought Immortality, ascending into a serpent of darkness, and swallowed chaos(Discord) and order(currently unnamed, equally deranged counterpart), and sought to consume moon and sun, before being sealed by the Elements. However, as he was banished, he struck Luna, poisoning her and sending her into a sleep from which she has never awoken. Celestia's student, Sunset Shimmer, has become upset with her teacher's reluctance to give her what she believes belongs to her, and runs off. She ends up stuck in Appaloosa for the Summer Sun Celebration, just in time for the Rattler to slip from its bindings. Now, with a rag-tag band of others, she's going to have to save Equestria and the mentor who she hurt.

•Sunset Shimmer(Unicorn/Magic): Arrogant and power-hungry, Sunset does have some good within her. Her friends are making her a better person, and she does love Celestia like she was her mother. She gets her magic drained out of her when the Rattler makes his first appearance, and gets her power back slowly; she would only be at full power again by the end of the verse or at her hypothetical Ascension.
•Golden Locks(Pegasus/Laughter): For the most part, Yang from RWBY. A boisterous, loud pony who makes her pay off bets and fights with the town tuffs. The daughter of Cloudsdale nobility, she was coddled and steered by her parents all her life. Then they tried to marry her to Blueblood(the elder, and even more of a jerk than his son). She beat the living stuffing out of her guards(earning her Cutie Mark in the process), and went to live with bandits. Her infectious optimism earns her Laughter.
•Green Willow(Earth Pony/Loyalty): Born the eldest daughter to a family of Unicorn wizards, her only friend was her younger brother, Roughshod. She under-went a number of horrible, painful rituals to gain Unicorn-like magic, only to be thrown out for being "Unnatural". Wandering the earth with her younger brother, a attack left him badly wounded, forcing her to save him with an untested spell that turned him into a metal golem, a action she has regretted ever since. She is sharp-tongued and untrusting, but she will fight to the death for those she does trust, earning her Loyalty.
•Roughshod(Unicorn[?]/Kindness): born inept with his magic in a family that valued only that, his only friend growing up was his "big"(he towered over her even at a young age) sister, going so much as to renounce his inheritance to follow her in her exile. A attack by tribalist and superstitious settlers left him a golem made of iron, something he takes with a surprising lack of angst. He is gregarious and willing to believe the best in others, often to the point it defies common sense. His love of others earns him Kindness.
•Aces Wild(Pegasus/Honesty): Originally a cowardly, spineless accountant back east, an incident in his past caused him to reinvent himself into the stallion he is today. An aimless gambler, he sticks tightly to a code of honor, and always fulfills any promises he makes. Views fortune as a cosmic force, a balancer of scales. The integrity of his conduct earns him Honesty.
•Coin Purse(Earth Pony/Generosity): The most normal of the cast, he runs the local saloon, an establishment he inherited from his father, an act which shook him out of the life of decadence he lived back east. Always willing to give his money, time, or ear to any who want it, even if they don't deserve it, earning him Generosity.

Alright, figured that, since nobody's posted in the roughly four months since my last post, it's okay to continue. Wish I knew which of the three ideas in my first post was upvoted. Anyway, first I'll set out what I've thought for the Foal-Verse;

•Dinky Doo-Whooves: A (current) Unicorn, this young filly(at the moment) has been over a dozen species in her decade of life, her father and mother adventurers who have traveled to hundreds of worlds and times. Understandably, she's grown both somewhat odd in her demeanor and slightly jaded when it comes to interpersonal affairs; she'll be gone soon enough, so why should she bother? It takes the return of Nightmare Moonto force her to come out of her shell. She tends to be unnervingly intelligent, abet ignorant of history, and is fine with things even the average Equestrian would find odd. Her Element is Magic, earned the usual way.
•Scootaloo: A brash young Pegasus with an apparent disregard for her own health and amazing grace. She refuses to accept the false or easy way out, instead cutting straight to the heart of the matter, allowing her to earn Honesty by shattering an illusion of a fantasy come true. Unfortunately, her refusal to take the easy way out means she often makes things far harder than they actually need to be.
•Applebloom: A young and industrious Earth Pony, she's good at serving as a balancing force, keeping extremes from clashing too hard. Her willingness to look past first glances and to give others a chance earns her Kindness through being the only one who's willing to help out an "evil enchantress". Unfortunately, she is the most driven of the four mark-less Elements to get her Cutie Mark, sometimes to the point of obsession.
•Sweetie Belle: A bubbly and cheerful Unicorn, her often simplistic way of approaching the world places her as a moral compass who sees the issue in ways others don't. Her ability to stay hopeful and lift the spirits of others earns her Laughter when her song(rewrite of "A Few of My Favorite Things"?) saves the others from a spell of crushing despair. While enthusiastic, not the brightest candle in the menorah.
•Silver Spoon: A faithful and eager to please Earth Pony, Silver will do anything to help those she loves. This unwavering devotion is what earns her Loyalty, when she is the only one willing to risk her life for Diamond Tiara when she is at risk of losing her life. Her main flaw is just how easy she finds it to slip into a "follower" state of mind, one where she's an extension of another rather than her own person.
•Diamond Tiara: This sarcastic and self-skewering young Earth Pony is new to being nice. It is only through the magic of Friendship has she begun a better person. She earns her Element, Generosity, when she gives up her namesake, given to her by her dead mother, in order to win the group passage to the castle where the Elements and Ponyville's adults are kept. Finds it far too easy both to assume she's hopeless at being good(she's rich, so, for example, she's convinced she can't be really generous, because she has plenty to spare) and to fall back into her old behaviors.

I'll post the new universes in a few hours.

The biggest, at least at first, deviation from the Heart-Timeline is that the Mirror Portal went a little wonky, sending Sunset to Human Land 16 years earlier than canon... While also turning her 16 years younger than she originally arrived as, leaving the amnesiac baby to be adopted and raised unaware of her nature. Later, her family will move back to the town of Canterlot, the same day the school is honored to show off a famous archeological discovery; five orbs of unknown origin and a gem shaped like the moon with a horse head design on it. Then, the design disappears, alongside Vice-Principal Luna, as the school changes into a strange Nightmare realm.
•Sunset Shimmer: The same individual from canon, but with no memories of her true self. While she loves her family, she's otherwise naturally a loner who tends to stick to herself. Sarcastic and intelligent, she is the Element of Magic and often the voice of reason. Her mission to understand her past.
•Big Macintosh: Quiet and strong, Big Mac cuts a large figure. Never the less, he's actually crippling shy... Unfortunate, considering that almost every girl in school has a crush on him. He is a pious soul who gives of himself all that he can, earning himself the Element of Generosity.
•Trixie Lulamoon: Trixie wants to be a stage magician, just like her grandfather, Quartermoon the Magnificent. And, to understand Trixie, you must understand this; When Trixie feels or acts, she goes big or goes home. When she wants to do something, like help her friends or become a great stage magician, she will devote her everything to it(Fear for whatever poor boy she falls in love with). When she doesn't, like her school-work, for example, she barely puts in any effort at all. This effort for those she cares about earns her Loyalty.
•Sonata Dusk: Not a Siren, though her stepmom forced her and her sisters into a band named The Dazzlings when they were younger. Sonata is ... Odd. She follows tangents, makes strange leaps of logic, can't understand sarcasm to save her life, and is generally rather silly. Never the less, her good cheer and music brings joy to others, earning her laughter.
•Fleetfoot/"Echo": Fleetfoot(though she prefers to be called Echo) is a energetic, fun-loving member of the Wondercolt school soccer team. She is also legally blind, though she makes up for it with her sense of hearing. Back when she first began to lose her sight, she was alone and spiraling into despair, until someone bothered to help her out. Since then, she's devoted her life to paying it forward, earning her the Element of Kindness. Though she is technically one of the saner members, she often is content to sit back and watch the shenanigans, so long as there is no obvious danger.
•Maud Pie: Maud is strange. She doesn't really express emotion, and what she feels tend to be muted. She knows she's not well liked; the main reason people interact with her is because the incredibly popular Pinkie Pie refused to throw parties for people who are mean to her big sister, a love that Maud returns.She is utterly true in word and deed, never saying anything she doesn't mean or makes a promise she won't keep, earning her Honesty.

Inspired by some art I say, and I would probably ask their permission before doing this(Here is the picture.)The big divergance centers around the lack of Discord. His replacement is Tezcatlipoca, the first being to rule the sun. He is, basically, far more evil(if much less powerful) than Discord(for inspiration, think the most psychotic and sadistic versions of Joker and Discord, The Order of the Stick's Xyklon, or Worm's Jack Flash). He rallies three of the other Suns( Quetzalcoatl, a benevolent master of the winds, twisted by his brother to believe the current world mist be destroyed so one without suffering can be built from its ashes, Chalchiuhtlicue, a master of fertility and love who, thanks to the Smoking Mirror, is a walking mass of insecurities who's convinced the only way for people to love her is to make them love her, and Tlaloc, a big bully and master of rain) to destroy the world in the most painful way possible... Just because he's bored. Though Celestia and Luna were able to stop him and seal his three cohorts, he manages to capture and enslave Celestia, turning her into his puppet and forcing Luna to take control of Sun and Moon. He and Celestia vanished for thousands of years, before returning to free Tlaloc, bound under the rainy city of Seaddle...
•Sunset Shimmer(yes, I may have a problem): Sunset is a mare with a plan(and may also be a failed attempt to clone Celestia, though she doesn't know that). She grauduated from Luna's School for Gifted Unicorns and was supposed to become a researcher at the world famous Seaddle Institute of Ancient History. So when she's denied a position, robbed in a busy street, and forced to move in with a barista/small-time rocker, she's thrown, to say the least. With the wind taken out of sails, she's looking for a purpose in life... And maybe learn about the Magic of Friendship she didn't have time for before.
•Lÿröck: Go big or go home, that's how the Pegasus known to her friends as Lÿ does things. Technically, her special talent is running her family's cherry farms, but she loves music. So she left her family and their fortune behind to work a coffee shop by day, and rock out by night. She's worked hard for what she has, but she's surprisingly happy to give it all away, earning her Generosity. She also views music as sacred, a thing unto its self. Use it for an agenda, and face her wrath...
•Flower Child: Flower Child is a Pegasus who loves nature. She may not know a lot(or really anything that isn't directly related to medicine)but she has enthusiasm, and that's what counts, right? She works at a local pharmacist shop. Despite Her often shy nature, her boundless love of life brings hope and joy to others, earning her the Element of Laughter.
•Watermelody: For this Earth Pony , the Theater and The Truth are everything. Head of a famous local theater troupe, she refuses to deceive in any way, shape, or form. She makes a strong distinction between performance and manipulation, of course, and even when she acts she seeks to illuminate the greater truths. A devotion that earns her Honesty.As far as her friends are concerned, she has a bit of a stick up her rump, but they've come to expect that of her.
• Mystery Mint: This Unicorn not only writes of thrilling conspiracies and enthralling mysteries under her pseudonym, she lives them in real life! ... Well, that's what she believes. In actuality, she's just really paranoid. It makes for great books, and she's less likely to freak out or make a scene when she's convinced the public is forewarned against whatever nonsense she's decided yo kill us all today, so everyone's happy. Despite her difficultly telling truth from madness, she is unshakably Loyal to her friends, often to their bemusement as she tries to "protect" them from whatever conspiracy she's dreamed up.
•Sweet Leaf: Sweet Leaf loves a challenge. Athlete and explorer, she seeks to expand her skills and improve herself. Unlike her sister and coworker Flower Child, she respects, not loves,nature, for she knows that the world is brutal and dangerous. However, she also understands that just because the world's like that doesn't mean we should be. Just because someone's weak doesn't mean you're superior to them; rather, it means you're obligated to protect them, a philosophy that earns her the Element of Kindness.

Anyway, I'll post the last one tomorrow.

The big divergence for this one is simply that there aren't any Alicorns, and Discord may or may not be a legend. Equestria is a republic, ruled from the capital of Canterbury. The "starter villain" would be King Sombra, with most of the others being updated g1 villains. The big plot arc would start at the end of story one, where it's revealed that something they found in Sombra's castle is a piece of a map that can lead to the Crystal Empire, here a highly advanced precursor civilization that was vanished years ago. Together, with the bonds of the Elements, they seek out this land to benefit the world.
•Twilight Sparkle: Raised the daughter of a notable functionary and cousin to the Bluebloods, this Twilight is relatively close to canon. She's not as magically powerful, what with not having an immortal teach her, but she's also developed some political savvy and physical skills in exchange. Bearer of Magic( "The Fire that burns as our hearts unite.")
•Rainbow Dash: Born the daughter of the governor of the Cloudsdale province and to one of the oldest and most prestigious families there, a demure, proper young mare who, while dumb as a post and with less common sense than one, is certainly beautiful enough to make a good marriage prospect. That last bit is a lie. Rainbow acts demure and sweet and proper... Because that's what her mother has spent Dash's entire life moulding her into. She's not the smartest, and lacks common sense... Because her mother deliberately wanted to make things so that she'd have to rely on her mom or whatever stallion she was married off to for political favors, to the point she has to have the concept of money explained to her. Her father tried to help(and he is the reason she's not okay with it) but he's just as much her mother's pawn as Dashie is. She manages to sneak into Twilight's transportation when Twilight plans to go and prove that Sombra's returning. Once separated from her mother, she slowly grows into her own person. Earns her Cutie Mark in first adventure. Her unwillingness to live a lie earns her Honesty("The Drive to seek Truth, both in Self and World.")
• Fiddlesticks: This Apple Family Earth Pony mare is a master of both the fiddle and hospitality. While stubborn and obstinate, she never the less loves to help others and gives of her self, often far past the point of safety. This earns her Generosity("To give of thyself until there is no more to give, and then give beyond that"). Has an irrational hatred of cello players.
• Sassaflash: A Pegasus born an Apple, she 's also a member of the weather team. She loves to watch the clouds and soar through the sky. She's incredibly loyal to her job, nation, and family, though she feels that being a pegasi somehow makes her less of an apple, a devotion that earns her Loyalty("To fight for what you love, to the brink of death... And beyond."). Only member of the group with a love interest(Caramel, who is not an Apple family member).
•Vinyl Scratch: Vinyl is a Unicorn who loves to party. Born to a relatively wealthy family in Canterbury, she ran off when they failed to be anything other than sticks in the mud that tried to ruin her fun. At least, that's the tale she tells. In actuality, they were just worried that she was on the road to self-destruction, and she refused to let them help her. She moved to Ponyville, where she serves as second only to Pinkie as local party master... As well as Ponyville public nuisance number one. While she loves to bring joy to others, earning her Laughter("To get everypony rockin', even when they're feeling down."), she is also terrified of being constrained, both physically(she has claustrophobia) and emotionally(she's never really had any friends or special someponies before because she doesn't want to be tied down), something her friends are helping her with.
•Junebug: Junebug is a bit of a silly pony. She lives with her cousins, the Flower Trio, and lives as a florist. She loves to help in the community, and always has a smile for everyone, earning her Kindness("To give a smile and a helping hoof to everyone I meet").What makes this silly is that, under a different name, she's a world renowned scholar of myth and legend, who has written a number of famous treatises on the subject. She views this as a hobby, however, a way to share with others her love of adventure. Though she's shy and rather gullible, she loves her friends and is not going to give up a chance to live out the adventures she's dreamed about!

So, anyone else have any thoughts?

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