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Welcome, Welcome! Come on down the steep steps--mind your head... and your step. And come down into the entrance of our little cave here--a room with a roof over 500 feet high (But don't let that bother you) and where it it always a constant cool temperature--always refreshing! Now take our elevator down to our winding road--funnel on down here. Please ignore the dead bodies--we haven't had time to clean them up yet from the last tour. Now, before we start our nice little walk through the caves--seeing all its wonders and fine marvels and crystals--let us sit here in this grand room and talk a wee bit.

Come and introduce yourselves! And, while you're at it, why not share a few ideas you have about me (Blinkie) and my sister's (Inkie) personality and history, etc!

Welcome to The Blinkie Pie and Inkie Pie group!!!:pinkiehappy:

1059598 Herro, I am a chocobo!

Okay, that's a lie.

I am totally not a liar.

Hey, I'm bt. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm doing it anyway. And Pinkie's sisters need a little more loving.

I think their real names are Baralinka Marie Pie and Ignacea Josephine Pie.

Wait. Dead bodies? Wat?

1059622Huuuh...--What?! Oh, wahteevr! We'll find out when our tour commences. First we gotta wait for more members to arrive.

Why do we always have to wait for more, Inkie? Well, I guess it makes sense, but I always get too excited to wait:rainbowkiss:

1059667Well, how are ya doin', bagatumay? And welcome aboard!

Aww, that's sweet of you.:heart:

Cool! So, which one of us is who, then?

I didn't say anything about dead bodies:twilightoops:

(Mild ADD? I have ADHD. You'll fit in:ajsmug::derpytongue2::derpytongue2:)

1059862 That's my problem with self promotion thingys.

I always do it early, when there are less people. :derpytongue2:

1059910Well, little chocobo... cuckoo... whatever. You haven't even introduced yourself to those here, nor have you given any theories you have about my sis and I, really... so that means, actually, relatively: you're late!:trollestia:

Group Admin

1059598 hi, my name's Stag. I'm a friend of Pinkie's. So, Inkie, Blinkie, I've heard some interesting stuff about you, like how you share your sister's "Pinkie Sense."

1060676Welcome, welcome--Stag, was it? Welcome! Mind your step coming down that slope: it's a bit wet from condensation. We are glad you have made it! No trouble in finding it, I pray, through the covered steep steps that lead down the hill through the greenery of plants that leads to the entrance of the cave?

We do? Please share while we wait here and talk before the tour.

Oh dear! I almost forgot to mention: we have a cooler full of food, snacks, and drinks for those ponies who haven't had something to eat or who are thirsty. So, please, help yourself to them, just right there:pinkiesmile:

1060593 I'm always late, kweh.

1060696Inkie. I think this thing's a little low on energy. Look at 'im: He can hardly talk straight! You mind fishing out for him something to eat?

Group Admin

1060694 Well, I heard that the Pie Sense (twitchy Tail- stuff's going to fall, etc...) is something that's sort of passed down the female side of the family, explaining why your cousins Octavia and Fiddle don't have it, as they're on your father's side, but explaining why your mother and Granny Pie have it.

Hey there, my names F4D3!
I always like exploring new places, so i'm sure I'll fit right in!

1060702 Dost thou hast Gysahl Greens? They would be satisfactory, wark!

Hi, I'm Jondor, like it says right above the little picture of the very festive kitten over there, and I too think the Pie sisters need more love (and their own character tags). :pinkiesad2:

Personally, I don't like the view that Inkie and Octavia are the same pony, but to each their own. :derpytongue2:

I also tend to think of Inkie and Blinkie as fraternal twins more often than not, with Pinkie as their younger sister. :pinkiegasp:

1060716Yeah, we do have someth---Fiddles and Tavi are our cousins?:pinkiegasp: Well, meeting them would be awkward:twilightsheepish:

1060767Welcome F4D3!:twilightsmile: Glad you made it! Help yourself to snacks and drinks. As soon as everypony's ready, we're gunna get started. Don't worry, you can still talk all the way through the tour, and can even leave any time you wish. Just don't get lost if ya do: there are many strange tunnels and caverns in the Pie Caverns.

1061191We gots any of those, Inkie? Oh, well it seems we have a Master Sword if you ever feel like dupicating:derpyderp2: And, oh, yes, we do have some of that. You won't believe the things we find:rainbowlaugh:

1061330Welcome Jondor! Happy to have you here:pinkiehappy:

I was VERY sad when I saw there existed no character tags of us--and not even a small group existed before this one:pinkiesad2:

I agree: Inkie doesn't quite understand the connection some ponies make, either: they don't even have the same hair color! But, as we also say: to each their own:twilightsmile:

Cool! That's the first I've heard of Pinkie being younger!:raritystarry:


Well, seeing as everypony is here--before we start on our fun tour through Pie Caverns, durring which, as I mentioned to the kind F4D3, you may, and are highly encouraged to continue to talk and discuss and introduce and all sorts of things, and you can leave anytime--just don't get lost if you do:raritywink: Also, are there any questions about anything? If you need to use the bathroom, now's the time!:rainbowwild: You can take snacks and drinks in your saddle-bags to munch on along the way--I know we will!:twilightsmile: The tour shouldn't be too long; and others may join in as we go along, so be sure to make all new members feel welcomed--because they are all very warmly welcomed!:heart:

Group Admin

1061577 uh... yeah.

your dad has six brothers, one of which is Tavi and Fiddle's dad. another is Fancy Pants, who's married to Fleur, whose sister Sound Wave is Vinyl's mom.

Your dad also has one sister, who married into the Apple family.

1061618One heck of a Family Reunion!:pinkiehappy:
(I'll have to borrow some of that for ideas:scootangel: By the way: where do you find this info? Or is it purely your own?)

Group Admin

1061628 (:twilightsmile:Purely my own!:twilightsmile:)

By the way, changed some pictures!:twilightsmile: The header is also on the group's main page, below the pics of Inkie and Blinkie:pinkiesmile:)

E-excuse me, Inkie and Blinkie, but is there any chance of us running into dangerous traps or monsters? You see I have a rather embarassing fear of being eaten alive so I would like to avoid that if at all possible...

1062266What? You don't like the food, little guy? But those are the best darn Gysahl Greens in all Equestria:applejackunsure:

1062257Inkie: Well, there have been several sighting of that ghost pony that haunts--

Hey, hey, hey! How many times do I have to tell you, Inkie: those stories are comedies! Please sir, there is nothing here that could eat you or scare you--I mean, what's just like, oh, maybe a few, heheheh, quarray eels or manticorns or old Zelda-like puzzles or other such things here and there, eh?:raritywink:

Alright, well, if there aren't any further questions, and everypony has gone to the bathroom and grabbed what they want for the tour, without further adieu, let's get started.

Now if you would kindly follow Inkie down the path, just between those two walls there, you'll find yourself on a nice wooden platform that extends into the room we Pies call the "batter room."

Now some might have you say "hang on, Pie sisters, this is a cave I've seen in such and such a place. What are you doing with it here?" Well I can well assure you, we did not steal it or anything.:unsuresweetie: These are the Pie Caverns--not at all a mish-mosh of other so called caves we used!:trollestia:

Now the stalactites stick "tight" to the ceiling and the stalagmites "might" reach the ceiling; that is, the former hang from the ceiling and the latter reach up to it. Over millions of years of water slowing dripping through and dissolving the rocks, these are formed, and some even connect and form beautiful works, as we will soon see. Don't mind the slender man there-- Oooh, look at the pretty dark pool of water!

Inkie, take care of the slendyman--I did it for the last group, so now it's your turn.... We can't lose any more members because of that guy!

1062566 *noms on Gysahl Greens*

Wark? :pinkiesad2:

1062569*pats you as you eat and stare deep into the pretty pool* Now, here's a bit you can throw in there and you can make a wish:pinkiesmile:

1062576 *takes bit in mouth*


1062579Or you can eat the bit and throw some Gysahl Greens:applejackunsure::rainbowlaugh:

Hey, 1061667 would you like to take care of the cutie during the tour? You know, just help keep an eye on him? *pets the chucobo*

1062596 Aw, you're so cute! *picks you up and sets you on Stag's back* there you go!:twilightsmile:

*addresses everypony* Does anypony have any questions before we move to the next room?:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:


*crickets chirp, or maybe a bat, so long as it isn't a Creeper*


1062672Eeeeek! What was that? *Chokes 1062667* Oh, wait, was that a question? No, that's a myth: there are no snakes in the ca--


:facehoof:Who annoyed the creeper?

1062693(:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:) Oh, sorry, that sound just frightened me, and for a good reason: did you see and hear that explosion!?

Oh, but look what that opened up:new caves!:raritystarry:

Group Admin

1062593 I've dealt with his kind before. i'll keep an eye on him.:twilightsmile:

1062699 *points at distant torches in the second opening*

You know, while we're on the subject of the Pie family...
Another relative (albeit slightly more distant ) could be Trixie. Think about it, why would the Pie's let her work on the rock farm if they didn't have a prior oblegation to a family member in need? Seriously, just say the words "Trixie Pie". Say it!

1062705Thank you, Stag. I'll be sure to give you something nice when we get back to the surface: anything you want from the gift shop!:twilightsmile:

1062706Who was exploring here before? I've never been here *turns to Inkie who is nervously trying to hide behind a narrow column because she evidently had done much exploring of the caves without Blinkie's knowledge*:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

1062716That is interesting! Trixie Pie rolls off the tongue nicely!:pinkiesmile:

10627051062721 Kweh! >:|

1062716 (Although her official name is Trixie Lulamoon…)

1062731Haha, it's funny because he can't talk:trollestia: *when you attack me* OH HORSE APPLES!!!
1062705Stag... Help me!:raritydespair:

Hm. I see some tasty looking mushrooms that apparently glow in the dark! Do you think they're safe to eat?

1062743*getting up after the friendly abuse from1062731* I think so.... Just don't eat the ones that ani-glow: those might be poisonous...

1062746 *puts on a Black Mage costume*

I didn't know the little guy was capable of telepathy!

1062759:twilightoops: I didn't mean it. I was only teasing you because you were so... cuuute. *Inkie breaks into laughter at my face expression*

1062765Well, appearently he's a black mage as well... so it makes sense:applejackunsure:

1062775STAG, FOOD! *gives you a mountain of Gysahl Greens*

Okay, now with the little guy calm and happily eating, we can continue. This way every pony! Welcome to--

Inkie: I'll take this. Welcome everypony to "Inkie Pie Mines!"

*opens door. Finds a dragon shrine on the other side. Room is filled with skeletons. Closes door*

Are there any dragonborns in the group?

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