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Hello there!

This is thread to talk about *suprise!* *suprise!* your stories!

I have to say I have read recently My Little Starcraft: APM is Magic and well, it's suprisingly well written story.

I will start with advantages. Poulsen have incredibly good grammatic in his story, it's like heaven comparing to my own stories hell. If you actually know Starcraft, it's quite funny and the first part with some kind of shooter ( probably Call of Duty ) was simply hilarious.

However, this stories also have several problems. Like for example, putting six computers into the Twilight's library without any explanation. Don't forget that computers in MLP verse are not canon and comedy tag don't save situation. Also, there is really serious lack of "Crossover" tag. Lack of it means, that without knowing all these games you should be able to understand this story. Also, the entire scenario looks kinda like from "Iron Pony Competition" and it doesn't make any sense because they learned a lesson, so why did they do that again?

Still, it's really worth reading. I feel really sad that this story is on Hiatus, I hope that I will see some new chapters in the future.

By the way, how it's possible for ponies to click on keyboard? Can you imagine that?

One question man -why not post this as a comment to the story? I'm sure Poulsen would greatly appreciate the input. Though I'm not saying you can't continue this thread as a sort of shout-out section.

As for me -I kinda didn't get around to checking it out, though it's on my 'to do' list. I'll admit, I know next to nothing about the Starcraft universe, but hey -I have limited or no knowledge on many subjects and that never stopped me.

By the way, how it's possible for ponies to click on keyboard? Can you imagine that?

There is only one thing to say to that.

Heh, you actually bring up some good points. The whole story was written just for laughs, so the plot has a few holes, and yes, you need to know a thing or two about SC2 to understand all the jokes and allusions (to mention just the quote at the beginning of the chapter x] ). Also, losing to a camper can be really annoying, so I think the rivalry is not that unlikely given the circumstances. Still, i'll be the first to admit the story has problems.

As for the computers in Twi's library, each one of the mane 6 brought their machine (it is said that they will come to pick them up the next day) and they hooked it up to a router or something. As for HOW can they use mice and keyboards, I say: "they found a way" - that is, I have no idea, and never really thought about it. So, deal with it :rainbowkiss:

I actually have 6-7 pages of the next chapter, I just need to get my shit together and finish it :twilightblush:

Oh, and it's not a crossover, since it's about ponies playing the game, not the two universes colliding in any way whatsoever.

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It's easy to explain, it's way to promote other bronies stories. Posting it on the comment page of story wouldn't give anything. It works same like sometimes TECS reviews, you don't put it only into the comment page of the story, but also on thread.

Basically, my idea was to promote your work guys. In my honest opinion, My Little Starcraft is really worth reading and I really recommend reading this.

Well if that's the case than godspeed to this thread I say. Godspeed.

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And what actually Godspeed means? :twilightblush:

Google it mate. The keyboard doesn't bite.:pinkiehappy:

Nah, I'm just joking. It's generally a way to wish someone good luck on their journey. It comes from 'may God prosper you, grant you success', and it's not that polular nowadays, scarcely used in the modern language. I'm actually not that surprised you didn't know that.

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I guess you already spotted that new “List Thingy” on the forum. Because I don’t like to make spam in official/list thread, I will say some stuff about it here.

So, what’s up? Besides that I’m in great pain ‘cause of dammit 8th teeth wrenching, I think I managed to puzzle some things. Allow me to sort this out.

We don’t have many members, but I still think that we need to help each other. In that case, I want to encourage you to seek here for any kind of help. Also, if your project isn’t on the list, and you want your project to appear in this place just write PM to me.

Also, I want to state that I can help anybrony here in terms of pre-reading ( so world-building, plot, characters, dialogue, everything with expactation of gramma ). You can write it here, or on PM, I will answer it for sure.

Stay Awesome


Didn't really know, where to put this, and I didn't want to create a new topic either.

Anyway: I just finished one of my projects, the translation of "Two Mares..." and I'm looking for a pre-reader. If anybody's interested, please hit me with a PM. The whole story is only 9 pages (2500 words) long, so there's not much to do :twilightsmile:

Ok guys, I don't want to make a new thread, so I'll post this here:

Some of you may have seen my MLP/Mass Effect crossover fic "Efekt Magii" (if not, go to FGE or MLP Polska and read it! Your glorious leader commands you!). I've been wondering if I should, at some point, translate it (or have it translated, seeing as I also have FoE translaton to finish :applejackunsure:) into English, so that the rest of the fandom can (hopefully) enjoy it too. Thoughts? Sugguestions?


One suggestion - just do it! I've read a few ME/MLP crossovers, and each of them was... bad. "Efekt Magii" simply crushes them. If you manage to do a good translation, FimFic is yours in my oppinion.

As for tips... I'm curretly translating one fic to English and that is so haaaard. Get yourself a good good pre-reader/editor. And by saying "good" I mean one that will bite your head of and chew it a little before spitting out.

Holy crap, a reply! :pinkiegasp: I was beginning to lose hope.:raritydespair:

A pre-reader is a must of course. Fortunately, I have some experience with writing stuff in English, and so far the native speakers who read them said the language/grammar was okay. I think I'll start translating after I finish Chapter 4 of "Efekt" and Chapters 18&19 of FoE PL. Hopefully I'll be able to somehow find enough time to write/translate three thingies at the same time :applejackunsure:

All right, let's see, if anyone is still alive is this group :yay:
I've recently completed the English translation of the first chapter of Zodiak's fic, "Wiedźma". And now I'm looking for a editor/prereader. Spike the Skrybe helped me a lot in the first part (and I genuinely thank him for that), but I know that's not enough for me to eliminate all the mistakes I make.
So, if anybody's interested - or knows someone, who might be - please send me a message.

Be warned - the fic is a long one, and it's still unfinished in the Polish version.

Okay, my story. It's in Polish, so the description is in Polish too. I have an English version but it must pass proofreaders first, so, for now:

Biała Klacz

[Adventure] [Romance] [T]

Celestia, wciągnięta przez magiczne lustro-pułapkę, trafia na Ziemię - do Polski. Przechodząc przez portal, ulega przemianie - staje się zwykłym, ziemskim koniem, białą klaczą arabską. Bez magii, bez skrzydeł, pozbawiona mowy i nie rozumiejąc nawet języka, zostaje schwytana do szkółki jeździeckiej. Wożąc dzieci na grzbiecie uczy się o obcym świecie, planuje ucieczkę, czeka. Zanim będzie mogła wrócić, musi najpierw zdobyć nowych przyjaciół.
...i oprzeć się pokusie wykorzystania swoich specjalnych talentów...

Opowieć ilustrowana, [Teen] z uwagi na wulgaryzmy, umiarkowaną przemoc i odrobinę treści sugestywnych.

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