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This introduction thread was created specificaly for bronies that are not from Poland. Feel free to write about yourself, about your hobbies, stories ( yeah, I give you a place for some SELF-PROMOTION ) and in general, all the stuff you want to talk about.

Let’s start with me (hope I’ll not transform this into a wall of text) :

I’m a quite ordidary High School student and of course, a brony (been one for one and half years now). You already know that I’m a Pole and I’m really proud of it.

Although I’m publishing stories on this site for about six months, I considered myself a wtire for much more than that. In total I have three MLP stories in English, three MLP stories in Polish and two not published not-MLP-related stories writen in total. The English one’s are two cross-overs with Warhammer 40.000 (‘Equestria First and Only’ and ‘Equestria in Flames’) and a translation/ponification fic - 2986 Steps. I personally love Warhammer 40.000, i have miniatures, novels, games etc. I like a lot Polish and Russian literature, the key examples of those being ‘The Witcher’ series, "Metro", "Wędrowycz" and the like.

So, yeah, time to write something in English...

I'm Poulsen, I've been a brony since mid 2011. In my spare time I translate "Fallout: Equestria" into Polish (with the help of several other translators). As far as fanfics go, I like the sci-fi ones, as well as epic-length adventure stories. I also like to read shipfics, but usually just to laugh at their poor writing and predictable storylines (of course, there are some really good shipfics, and I enjoy them a lot).

I generally like fantasy and sci fi, and I love me a good book, though recently i haven't been reading as much as I'd like (friggin' Real Life!). In August, I usually can be found in a forest, running around with a foam sword and LARPing like there's no tommorow.

So far I started one story in English, but it's been on an eternal hiatus ever since the publication of the first chapter, due to lack of time and a rathe severe case of writer's block. Let's hope this group gives me the kick I need to start writing again.

So, hello FimFiction!

aTOM here, in the herd for about two years now. Known in the community mostly for being the (suicidal) translator of “CRISIS: Equestria”, and two other short stories. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll split this introduction into two halves:

1) MLP related:

When it comes to fanfics, I do enjoy those really long ones (Upheaval, Flight of the Alicorn and such), but do to the recent lack of time, I only manage to bite into some short stories, mainly those starring Fluttershy. Now guess which pony’s my favourite. Apart from that, I like listening to the fandom music, because despite what some people say, it can be really good. Favourite artisc: Evening Star, Radiarc, Nicolas Dominique, David Larsen.

2) Not-MLP related:

I like big books and I cannot lie! Especially, if there fantasy stories, such as “The Witcher” or the whole “Song of Ice and Fire” set. Double the “especially” part, if I can read something while listening at the same time to Audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell, Malukah or... Owl City. Because the only trouble with reality is the lack of background music.

I would introduce myself but I took an arrow on the knee.

Hello there, my name is Kingofhills and I'm brony since 1 year (almost). All bigger things i do for this fandom are:
a) Translation FoE: Project Horizons
b) Writing poems (but only in polish)

I like reading and surfing the Internet.

Hello everypony,
My name is Mershyt, I'm 14 and have been in fandom for 2 years. The things I enjoy most are reading, writing, drawing and watching TV shows like MLP or Once Upon a Time. I'd love to submit my first long story here, if my inspiration will help. Also, I'm proud to be 69th member of this group :derpytongue2:

Cheers, Mershyt

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