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XD New Star Wars memes

4991787 nuuuuu der es trators everwer

4991787 My new Favourite meme.

4991787 these are absolutely gold! :rainbowlaugh:

4991787 Here you go.

Seriously though, he's a badass.

So is the Loyal Stormtrooper of Sick Spins officially our coverboy/mascot?

You know it's bad when the most iconic scene and character of the new starwars is a nameless mook. I don't think a protagonist has ever bored me as much as Rey.

Why didn't they have Phasma doing this part? By the time she did reappear, I'd forgotten she'd existed.

I thought all the main Characters in 7 sucked, even Solo was bad.

Solo was terrible, I agree, but Rey was king of shit mountain when it came to trashcan.

They should have had Phasma using the fancy space club to fight Finn. Why give her a name and different, silvery armor if there's nothing actually different or special about her?

I can only think of progressiveism and I hate using that as a reason.

She can't be the token girl. The movie already has a female lead. No diversity would be lost without her. Not that tokenism is a good way to pursue diversity in the first place.

My belief is that she was intended to be another Boba Fett, but they didn't know what the heck they were doing. You can't have a character mysteriously hovering in the background and blatantly shoved into the foreground and expect things to work out. If that was the route they were going, she should've had maybe four lines of terse dialogue - none of them to a hero character - and always been in the vicinity of major events without it being clear why she was there. Oh, and she would share a nod with Snoke when Kylo Ren's back was turned. No words, just a nod.


I forget the name, but there is a test to determine "sexist" movies it's something like two major female characters must talk about something other than boys.

Honestly, any other reason would be better


It's The Bechdel Test.

While I agree that messing messing with it is fun and an eye opener about the under-representation of women in fiction, one shouldn't be so quick to brand a work as sexist for failing it. Just ask Mulan

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The traitor meme is better than the heresy meme.

4997819 TR-8R makes best Commissar, after Ciaphas Cain of course, eh.

4997862 Traitor and Heresy basically goes hand in hand with each other, eh.

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