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(Announcer from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood US Commercial.)

Announcer: From the creators that brought you Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Forces comes Sonic's first ever crossover adventure!

The opening scene showed the logos of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Forces in multicolored light before fading away into the black background. Then the scene suddenly changed in a white flash of light and showed a CGI shot that showed an army of humanoid extraterrestrials that had similar features to humans, but they had no hair on their heads and wore military like jumpsuits, high tech helmets with rebrither masks that were connected to air supplies on their backs holding advanced wepeons and were marching in military fashion over a decimated Cantalot now laying in ruins. Eques was under alien invasion and a new threat has risen from the shadows of the space.

Announcer: A all new dangerous alien threat has emerged and have concurred Terra with the Earth next on their invasion plans.

While the announcer was speaking the scene changed to another CGI shot of a suited alien soldier who had a different kind of helmet that was glowing with neon blue colored lines with its suit having blue lines on it as well. The alien's helmet had a high tech green visor which had advanced holographic tech in it. The being spun around and released a neon blue burst of energy from his or her's right hand at the screen which made everything go white. Then a short CGI scene shot of an adult Twilight and her friends in a high tech laboratory with many other captured Equestrians were in tanks filled with bio-supportive liquid wearing rebreather masks connected to air supplies and advanced life support systems by grey tubes in a deep sedated sleep and wires connected to their bodies were monitoring their vital signs before the scene went light blue when a familiar light blue streak raced by and changed the scene.

Announcer: Join Sonic the Hedgehog and 10 of his friends with 7 new friends along with your own custom character on a brand new interdimensonal adventure!

The next shot showed a CGI scene of Sonic giving thumbs up with his signature smile on his face in a outer space background, that was followed by a shot of Shadow the Hedgehog with a ready to fight look, that was followed by CGI scene shots of Tails the Fox, Knuckles the Echidna, Rouge the Bat, E-123: Omega, Silver the Hedeghog, Blaze the Cat, Tangled the Lemur, and Amy Rose. Then after Amy's scene shot a new scene shot came this time showing Twilight's 15 year old son Quazelight Sparkle who gained a heroic grin on his muzzle, after that the next scene showed Rainbow Burst who is Rainbow Dash's oldest son who is the same age as Sonic and Quaze opened his wings with a ready to fight look on his face, following that was Applecrush Applejack's eldest son who is 16 years of age who smiled at the screen and straighten his neck and stomped the ground with his right foreleg, the next shot came and showed Wing Flyer the son of Fluttershy and was 14 years old who gave a heroic smirk to the audience as he turned around and looked at the screen, the next shot showed Radiant Spark the oldest son of Rarity a 14 year old unicorn stallion who had some similarities to his mom and his horn lit up with a magic beam ready to fire at an enemy target, the next shot showed Cheesy Pie one of Pinkie Pie's kids who was 13 years old and was just like her mother in personality as she popes out of nowhere from the side of the screen and gave a smack from her poofy tail, and the last shot showed a teenage Flurry Heart who is 17 years old along with being Quaze's cousin as she fired a two tone blue magic beam. That was followed by the last shot which showed the custom avatar from the Sonic Forces trailers with a new Wispon called the Wispon Laser which uses the Cyan Wisps to power it and aims at the screen before firing it at the screen in a cyan colored light.

Announcer: Take on incredible new worlds, exhilarating new high speed stages, powerful new foes, and dangerous new bosses in tag team solo or co-op action to overcome the forces of evil!

Then the scene changed to in game footage as Sonic and Quaze are running through Central City on Earth as the two heroes jumped into the air and preformed a magical enhanced homing attack on a pack of Eggman robots and alien soldiers. That was followed by a in game footage of the custom character running through the interior of a alien ship equipped with the red Wispon flamethrower and unleashed a burst of flames at the strange alien soldiers. The footage was followed by more in game footage this time with Sonic racing through a devesated Ponyville before being launched into the air by spring and landed on a rail and started grinding on it just as alien ships flew above the blue hero as he kept grinding for his destination. The scene suddenly changed to scene with a large flying alien assault craft fighting Sonic and Quaze in Central City as the two heroes were chasing after it Quaze then used his magic to lit Sonic who had curled into a ball and fired him at the craft and dealt some damage.

Announcer: They may be from different worlds, but they share one united goal… to defeat the Groadorian Galatic Empire!

As the announcer was talking a short CGI footage showed Sonic, Quaze, the custom avatar, Shadow, Silver, Tails, and Knuckles in mountainous location surrounded by cliffs. Then the same alien figure with the sleeker helmet with the green visor and the neon blue lines on his helmet and suit walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down at the blue hedgehog and his friends. Sonic gained a serious look on his face as a scowl came onto his face as the figure looked at him.

Announcer: It's a whole new action packed adventure with a all new world with all new enemies!

As the announcer was speaking capital light blue colored bold lettering appeared in a cosmic blue background that said 'A New Adventure' that soon changed to a CGI scene of Sonic, the custom avatar, and Quaze running through a devestated street in Cantalot with grins on their faces heading for enemy forces. The scene changed again back to the cosmic blue background with the same kind of lettering, but this time it had 'A New World' and just like the previous scene it changed to a CGI scene clip of Sonic racing through waves of alien soldiers in a light blue streak and taking them out with homing attacks. Then the scene changed back to the cosmic blue background one last time as the last set of text appeared in the center of the background and it said, 'All New Enemies'. The scene then changed just like the pervoius ones as Sonic and the alien being with the helmet with the green visor and neon blue lines on his helmet and suit jumped at each other before of them collided head on creating a white flash.

Announcer: Sonic Adveture 3! Rated E for everyone!

As the announcer said the title of the game the logo appeared in a light blue light. Sonic's name was all bold capital letters and were colored yellow along with being slightly slanted to the the right. The word adventure was in bold capital letters as well, but weren't slanted and the lettering was in a light blue color and the 3 was tall and bold that was the height of the combined wordsand it was in a neon blue color. Then the scene suddenly changed to a shot Sonic skidding to a stop right in front of the camera in Green Hill Zone and light blue colored wind blew into the screen and changed the scene.

Announcer: Coming soon this holiday 2019! Games and systems sold separately.

The last scene showed the game's Xbox One version, the PlayStation 4 version, and the Nintindo Switch version of the game in the same cosmic blue star filled background. The lettering for Holiday 2019 was all bold capital lettering in a bright yellow color. A second later the screen goes black.

Please stay on the fics you have written.

Well ok. But this one is in the works. I haven't started it yet.

*sighs in relief*

I wanted to ask you does the commercial sounds accurate to a official Sonic game commercial?

*shrug* I haven't watched many so I can't form an opinion.

I posted a forum on the Sonic Bronies group that has the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood commercial along with the trailer. Check it out.

I'll think about it.

Ok. But do you like the story idea taking place after the series finale of FiM when the mane 6 have kids?

Neutral on that point.

Oh ok. I just wanted to give it a try.

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