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Alright, so if your mind didn't go down the gutter after reading the title, let me get straight to things.

After the past several weeks, with attending BronyCon and Season 6 airing more new episodes, I had a couple ideas come to mind. Long story short, during these times I was inspired by the fore mentioned events and reading through an incredible fan fiction over on DeviantArt two new story ideas that I'd like to tackle. However, I feel like these ideas could use some extra effort and another's perspective, so I'm opening this up to all fellow FimFiction writers. I'm looking for those willing to provide feedback, suggestions, revising, proofreading, or even be full-on collaborators for these two stories. Having some outside perspective may be helpful in making these ideas not only easier on my part, but potentially being better portrayed if I may find those with a greater knowledge of certain aspects than myself.

Before I explain what the stories entail, let me explain exactly how much extra involvement I'm asking for. The first will be a story that doesn't require too many collaborators, anywhere from 1-3 would be ideal. The concept is pretty straightforward and based on a more recently aired episode, so a small group of others to work with should help in an easier development, but I am open to potentially adding more collaborators if given good reason. The second is one I have really no limits in how many collaborators there are. Having a couple others help handle revisions and proofreading would be appreciated, but there will be a multitude of opportunities for suggestions and ideas, so the more that get involved the better!

Now, onto the story ideas-

Story #1: Daring Do sets out on another quest after being told of an ancient and powerful artifact connected to a race not known to ponykind for many millennia. With enemies on her flank and a potential disaster that could nullify magic in Equestria for unpredictable moons, her mission becomes of the utmost importance as she lunged off the paths of the Equestrian jungle and into the wilderness of Angel Island. As her pursuers follow her path, she will require the unwanted help of another treasure hunter, Knuckles the Echidna, to complete her quest and defeat her foes.

Like I said, the concept is pretty straightforward with the description, a crossover between MLP and Sonic the Hedgehog, focusing on Daring Do and Knuckles. However, a big catch with this story is that I'd like to keep it canon to my Sonic X + MLP canon, so part of my involvement will be writing everything related to Knuckles, the planet Mobius and such connections, which leaves me to ask for someone who could handle writing for Daring Do, her character and her environments, as I feel I can't write that with justice. Right now I'm only interested in one collaborator in writing the story, but that's possible to change if writing requires extra input.

Story #2: Welcome to JAGCon! With such a fast-growing fanbase all across Equestria, the Elements of Harmony get behind Pinkie Pie's plans to throw the first ever convention for their newest friends and growing rock and roll stars, the Team JAG Band! But music isn't the only focus of this three-day JAG-filled extravaganza, for there will be multiple panels that focus on individual members of the Band, selected groups such as the Master Four and Team Sonic, and many of the near infinite parts that make up Team JAG as a whole! Everypony is invited, so come join us celebrate all things JAG, and some Taismo too, at the very first JAGCon!

Now this one is the bigger of the two, and an idea I consider quite ego-stroking. For those unfamiliar to what some names here mean, Team JAG is a multi-dimensional organization of heroes and allies that work together to fight the foes of all different dimensions. It also hosts the Team JAG Band, a group of friends from across dimensions that plays tribute to many bands and musicians of the rock and metal genres, led by the Master Four - Jason, Ash, Gohan, and Yugi - which got its start after the day of the Revival Benefit Concert for their dearest friends and bandmates, Tails and Cosmo. My headcanon is a reflection of all of us bronies and MLP but ponified as ponies all across Equestria quickly and immensely turn into diehard fans of a 'glorified cover band' consisting of not just warriors and musicians, but music fanatics themselves. For this story, there is NO LIMIT on collaborators, as I'm looking to build this as big as possible. I'm looking for writers to write for various canon ponies (sans Twilight and a selected couple other ponies) and anybody who'd like to be a 'congoer' and come up with panel ideas and questions to ask members of the Team JAG Band and Team Sonic. My involvement will be writing for all the focal characters in each panel that has them involved, but I will hand off the reigns to anyone who has their own con panel idea that doesn't involve the main cast, the only condition being me providing the final 'Yes' and 'No's as I proofread each suggestion. I will also have a list of panel ideas that I will coordinate with everyone who gets involved with the project, which includes Closing Ceremonies that I will write entirely and ask for proofreading and suggestions when completed. If you'd like to understand more about Team JAG, its Band and the content, check out my stories poster here on FimFiction and over on my DeviantArt page.

And that basically wraps things up for my call out to fellow FimFiction writers. If you're interested in either or both story ideas and have any questions about them, please send me a personal message with 'JAGCon' and/or 'Daring Do' as the subject title and what you'd like to know. This will serve as my application process, as well as allowing me to check out stories of others and what they can bring to the table (providing your own best example for me to check out is a big plus). If or when I find those I'm interested in working with, we'll keep in contact at a comfortable pace here before I'm up for exchanging more immediate means of talking (IM, Skype, etc). I hope to find and meet many fellow MLP fans who'd like to take a shot at these challenges with me and hopefully create something that could be enjoyed fandom-wide. Until next time, rock and roll all night, party every day, and hail to the ponies! \m/ /)

-Jesus Manson, The Metalhead Brony

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