This is the group for the ever growing gaming Merc corp known as the Eridani Light Pony. Originally made for playing in Mechwarrior Online based in the Battletech Universe, this group has grown to encompass many other games. It's currently set to invite only so PM me if you wish to join.

Being a member of this group does not make you a member of the ELP. That is done by applying here;


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Why didn't anyone tell me I had a fic featured in "Twilight's Library"

:yay: I just found this group. My quest to join all things ELP continues...

Necro all the group!

Joined finally. :pinkiecrazy:

Writing a fic, anyone here willing to read it through before I submit the first chapter? :twilightblush:

ps. there's some light shipping and a bunch of other stuff so beware.

Lucky number 13.

309833 I would If I could find a way to copy the link. As it's currently formatted, I have no real clue how to do that.

Comment posted by USSNeverWrite deleted May 9th, 2013

Oh, nice.
You should paste our banner in here, Zerv.

oh hey, cool. I have a MWO advert on this page... now if only I was willing/able to buy MC

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